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Bubbling Brewing Bozeman Bonanza January 29, 2011

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    Well … the SDFDC  (the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan) are off and running again!  Yay!  They have been on an extended ski vacation with their new hostess and faerie family guardian, Miss Julia and here puppy dog, Izzy. 

Miss Julia - Guardian of the SDFDC Clan on their very faerie adventure in Bozeman

   Round and Round and Round

   we go, where we stop

   nobody knows,

   but in her house of

    fun and mirth,

    Miss Julia took in the

    SDFDC on her own turf!

    To Bozeman, Montana

    the faerie clan did go

     on a skiing trip

     the faeries did roam.

Izzy - Guard Doggie of SDFDC' s Bozeman Adventure

     Scout was filled with

      fun and games,

     while riding on  the back

    of sweet Izzy’s mane.

   Belle and Julia

   twirled around

  until they hit the

   icy ground.

   They  swung their arms

   in the snow

Snow Faeries spotted in Bear Canyon

   swishing their

    legs to and fro

    until beautiful

    snow faeries were made

    by the icy river’s

    shiny snow-filled bank.

    Twig, he threw fluffy

    snowballs in the air

    and watched cute Izzy

    jump with flair

   to catch the snowflakes

   in her mouth

   then chase the faeries

   towards the south.

Leapin' Izzy

    In Bear Canyon where they all played

   Julia and Izzy led the way,

   and all the faeries had fabulous fun

    playing, skiing, laughing and dancing

    in the sun.

    Before they had to say goodbye,

    the Faerie Dust Clan made a request

    that Miss Julia sprinkle faerie dust at the side

    of the river’s edge as Gabby suggests.

    Miss Julia was happy to fulfill this deed

    although Izzy wanted to take the lead;

Faerie Dust found at river's edge

    So off they set, to the snowy edge

    and placed the faerie dust by a hedge.

    When low-and-behold,

    who should appear,

   but the Bozeman Faerie cousins

   in the grassy reeds that were near.

   The Bozeman Faerie Cousins of the North

were very proud of their part of the earth

and invited the Tucson Faerie Dust Clan

to join them in making a cheering sound

 “Welcom to Bear Canyon, dear cousins of ours,

Welcome to Bear Canyon,

may your trip be filled with mirth and flowers!”

After hugs and kisses and rubbing of

wings, they all say good-bye

and Miss Julia repacked all of her things.

Julia sprinkling Faerie Dust at Bear Canyon MT

All the faeries of the Faerie Dust Clan

were pooped and tired from

all the fun they’d had.

So Izzy, always full of spunk,

sat down and let the faeries climb aboard

and headed down the mountain toward

the car that awaited with open trunk

where Miss Julia tucked everyone safely

in for the journey home again.

Faerie Dust Tracks in Bear Canyon - Bozeman, MT

Thank you Miss Julia and Izzy for your care

of the Faerie Dust Clan and your house over there,

over in Bozeman, Montana that is

now off to bed everyone, except for maybe Twig!


       There are often times in my posts of the Sonoran Faerie Dust Clan (SDFDC) where I speak of their adventures with different human guardians.  The SDFDC are just that …. they are the faeries who are the protectors of the faerie dust that we create from Tucson’s dried flower blooms.   Because I have not the ability to travel so often as I would like (although maybe that will shift in the future),  it is the faerie dust which travels to many of the locations in my blog posts.  When the faerie dust travels, so do the faeries who accompany the flowers.   So far the faerie dust has travelled with different guardians to atleast 15 states and three countries.   I gift the faerie dust to friends, family, clients and those whom would like some and if they are inclined then they sprinkle faerie dust during their travel destinations and take photographs.  These photos get emailed to me and through the photos and information about the location … I see how the faeries had fun on the trip with their human guardians.  The idea is to bring the magic of Fae back into our everyday lives.   Sometimes I am told the stories’ by the faeries as prose and sometimes poetry … I let them tell me how they want the story told.  


(Written  by:  Shannon Sullivan

 Photos by:  Julia Urbanski

Adventures by:  Julia, Izzy and the SDFDC

 Thank you to:  Our readers)


4 Responses to “Bubbling Brewing Bozeman Bonanza”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Scattering joy and the magic of Fae
    Life should be filled with fun and play

    Thanks, Shannon

  2. Draqqi Says:

    Thank you SDFDC for coming to visit!

  3. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Julia and Izzy for welcoming us into your home and taking us on super fun adventures in the snow !

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