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In the Garden Of Heaven – Cancun that is January 26, 2011

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   Yay!  The Faerie Dust clan is on the move again … road trip … or should I say air and beach trip … woohoo …. I can’t even contain the faeries they are so excited to be traveling again … more faerie dust fun and adventuring.  Jan, the SDFDC’s next travel guardian, walked into my office telling us how she was getting ready for her trip to Cancun.  Belle, who rings like a little bell when she giggles, was ringing all over the office, “Ask her, ask her, please Shannon,” Belle said in my ear.  Twig, Scout, Lillith and Button all said the same thing … “Pleassssseeeee …. ” just like little children all chiming in at once.  “This is our chance to go to the ocean.”  I was hesitant only because I had never introduced Jan to any of the faerie dust clan and wasn’t sure how she would respond.  Jan was ready willing and able to be the sponsor for the SDFDC crew and their guardian for the trip…..   everyone began gathering leaves for flippers that were waterproof and iridescent flower pods for goggles to snorkle with …. More to come about the events of this trip … who knows if the faerie clan will return once they get to Cancun … hmmm … I will report back when they return!


Dragon Cloud

( Update by:   Shannon Sullivan

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    Adventures by:  SDFDC – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan


8 Responses to “In the Garden Of Heaven – Cancun that is”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    You may NEVER see them again! 🙂

  2. nrhatch Says:

    I thought at first that YOU were going to take them. Alas, you shall have to live vicariously through their enthusiasm.

  3. faeriemagic Says:

    That is exactly what I thought! Luckily they were already prebooked for a skiing trip to Bozeman Montana or else they would have stayed there indefinitely 🙂

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    Well my goal in the far future is to one day travel to all the places the faerie dust has travelled to. It has been to about 40 locations and I have made it to three. That is my dream 🙂

  5. nrhatch Says:

    Are you going skiing in Bozeman? Or is someone else acting as guardian?

  6. faeriemagic Says:

    Julia is the guardian for this faerie trip. She lives in Bozeman. I did meet her personally in Montana last summer because of the faerie dust which had gone to Arlee Montana before me and I ended up getting to go there. The faerie dust had gone to the Garden of 1000 Buddhas to be placed in a buddha shrine with other dried flowers preparing for the Dalai Lamas visit in 2013. There is more info about that location in my category cloud marked “Dalai Lama and G1000B” … 🙂

  7. Cancun! to die for. Enjoy.

  8. faeriemagic Says:

    Hi nancy … thank you but it is not me going … it is my faerie dust going with a faerie dust guardian named Jan who will share her adventures when she gets back and then I write about the faeries trip with their guardian … one day it will actually be me

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