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A Garbage Meditation January 21, 2011

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    Last week as I was leaving work, I packed up the Muppet Family and the SDFDC were not far behind all of us, bouncing along … I was headed directly for my car.  The faeries, of course, like to divert their way to other locations that are not linear and I soon found Scout had climbed the mesquite tree outside.  “Scout, whatcha doin?  I am headed out … let’s go,”  I quearied.  Scout shrugged his shoulders and looked up and out across the street.

  Now across the street from our physical therapy clinic is a wash that is all desert.  There I spied a Hawk dive into the wash and through the trees.  He was quite beautiful to watch and because he didn’t promptly fly up and out, I knew he had landed.  I asked the Muppets and Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan if they would like to go check it out since none of us had explored the desert wash at all.  Everyone agreed.  Belle shouted, “In here, in here … Hawk is in here.”  Across the street, down the dirt path and into a grove of Mesquite I went.  “Oooohhhhhh ….” everyone sighed as we saw Hawk sitting in the middle of the tree.  

  “Watcha doin’ Mr. Hawk?”  Gabby, who is very much as her name indicates, a “gabber”.  Hawk, however, did not respond and I said, “Shhh,”  everyone, he’s hunting and we’re going to interrupt his dinner.   Lillith of Yellow-fare who was visiting for the day gasped, “You don’t think we’ll become his dinner do you?”  …. Scout giggled and I shot him a “please-behave-for-our-guest” look and he simmered down.  “No Lillith … the SDFDC and the Hawks have a contratcual agreement not to snack on the ‘little people’ who live in the area.”  Lillith sighed a breath of relief.  We all noticed, however, that Hawk was no longer hunting but wanted us to look at our surroundings.

   “Oh no, ”  Twig cried out … we all screeched to find his wing twisted up on a piece of metal sticking out from one of the river stones.  There was garbage everywhere.  In the wash lay:  miller light cans, Pepsi cans, styrofoam cups, Dorito chip bags, a flat, cracking tire, Dos Equixx green smashed bottle, empty box of Trojans, and the list went on from there … “So this is why Hawk asked us to come visit him over here?”  Scout said out loud, what we all had been thinking.

  We all sat in a circle for a meeting, the SDFDC, the Muppets, Hawk and myself … at that moment Hummingbird showed up as well.  We all decided to help clean up the area.  During breaks, at lunch and when the opportunity arose, we would gather up these elements of trash and pick up the area.  It has been two weeks and Twig who loves to keep count said, “Wow, twenty bags of trash … well, ten bags of trash and ten bags of recyclable trash to be more precise … and counting.”   

  We still are in process of picking up the area.  Yesterday one of our clients came in for a session.  We had all been out picking up some more pieces when we walked in from outside and greeted our client, lets call him Sam.  Sam said, “You looked well rested and relaxed.  What were you doing?”  I said, “Picking up trash.”  He gave me a strange look.  Belle giggled quietly and Twig tapped his foot impatiently. 

   After the massage appointment, we checked our email for updates and noticed an article post from Spiritual Directors International asking people to share their different ways of praying and/or meditation … this is when I realized that when my client had said I was relaxed and rested looking and I had been picking up trash … I had been in a peaceful place of gratitude to assist the natural area by picking up after it regardless of whose trash it had once been.

What ways do you pray or meditate in your life dear readers?


(Written by :  Shannon Sullivan

Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

Thank you to our:  SDFDC, Muppet Gang and Fabulous Readers)


6 Responses to “A Garbage Meditation”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Wonderful post, Shannon.

    Once on Deal Island we saw a dolphin. Only once in 8 years. We followed it into a neighboring yard and it disappeared. But we found a bird trapped there in a discarded crab trap.

    Had we not arrived when we did, the bird would not have survived to fly another day.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    The Universe attracts our attention in whatever direction we need to face.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    That is so awesome Nancy … the animals were looking out for one another and you listened. Thank you so much for sharing your story as well.

  3. nrhatch Says:

    Very cool that the hawk got your attention. Nature rocks.

  4. […] post:  A Garbage Meditation (Faerie […]

  5. […] post:  A Garbage Meditation (Faerie […]

  6. faeriemagic Says:

    I know … the more we pay attention, the more we learn the language. Often challenging. Thank you for the link on your post.

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