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Echo in the Clouds January 17, 2011

    The following poem is based on true events from my personal experience before, during and after the tragedy in Tucson, AZ on January 8th.  I, myself, live in Tucson, AZ and was  5 miles from where the shootings occurred.  I share this poem just as a way of releasing and transforming the stress and grief, we, personally, as a community and collectively all over the world, have felt during these last couple of weeks.  I am also grateful that the Tucson community itself has been so collectively awesome in responding to assist so many people at this time.  I am glad we are turning this event into a way to bring better communication forward between ourselves.  Now it is up to us to continue to keep creating open, honest and compassionate dialogue in our own lives as well as our political, social and spiritual lives. 

“An Echo in the Clouds”


January 6, 2011 –

Thursday evening

"Anarchy" (photo by Shannon Sullivan)

upon leaving work,

Looked up at the sky,

my head quickly jerked;

a group of clouds  messaged

the lines of an “A” inside a circle was

scribed, then my mind began to play:

“What does it mean” I thought

to myself ,”when ‘Anarchy’ is scratched

in white against the blue overhead?” 

A thought running through me,

 a springing forth of words

they filled me with unease,

“Government shall fall” and

this made me freeze.

In the message from sky like

Voldemort’s dark mark left

above me right before my eyes.

My camera, usually right at my side,

I took from its pouch

and clicked a few times.


Friday, the 7th, came with no clue

and life moved forward

and I did too.

Darkness in the Clouds

In the evening a message

came from one close

friend whom I shall not

here name. She said,

 “I see spirits of harm

in those clouds of the photo

you took.  The message is

strong.  Please take a look.”

This friend of mine,

drew images through

these clouds and

all we could hear was

silence around us,

like a great Nothing circling

the earth.

Nothing was left for either of us

to do or to say, so onto

Labyrinth of Faith

a labyrinth walk I went

on my way.

Walking and drumming

and keeping in pace,

the turn of the earth

stepping in time with

the human race.


Saturday morning, 

the day of the 8th, the news

we received, the shooting

occurred and all of us

were sent spinning with grief.

How to bear this hardship

from the message in the


I was told to look within

The Alpha and The Omega (the window pane on the left)

and to my surprise

a healing light appeared

and what I felt unbearable

suddenly cleared.

My community of Tucson, the state

of Arizona, our nation

and the world, both far and near,

gathered together bringing

compassionate grace in the face

of this fear – hate turned to love

and we instantly began to heal.

A welling of spirit, LOVE –

full and divine, was brought forward

from everyone with words to

be kind.

I called my dear friend and let

cloud photo and drawings stand,

I commissioned a new project

if she was willing to lend me a hand.

To transform the message

from Anarachy to Peace

to change clouds meaning

so we could heal from the grief.

Success was ours when she found

a different sort of “A” ,

 a new photo to replace

the image of the original day;

sad to sublime, a stained glass window

of Alpha and Omega representing

 Unity Consciousness

in our new times.

On the Wings of Clouds

From harm to healing, from darkness to light

we focused our energy and

combined imagining bright days

to create life in a compassionate

new way.


Sunday, the 9th, before

my eyes, a license plate


     ” JN 1 16″

   ( John 1:16)

researching the

 biblical reference

in what direction we are steered.

The gift of grace is given

to us time and again.

Now a new image in the sky

will appear transformed

by everyone’s hearts and

minds and souls to hold

a clear vision in the face of

disaster.  Grace is the way

Gratitude Grows

to bring compassion

and caring to all those

in need.  Moving past judgments

and healing disease.

This opportunity is a gift

to us,  all we need ever do

is look within for this

tiny clue.


(Poem by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

   Thank you to Our Readers, My Spirit Helpers, Tucson Community and those of the compassionate world who live their lives everyday with this intention.

Have a beautiful day 😉 … )


6 Responses to “Echo in the Clouds”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Wonderful way to process the pain and transform grief into peace, Shannon.

    Consider submitting this to Paula’s Contest on Clouds. She would love it.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Hi Nancy … thank you for the feedback. Actually this is the poem that I am going to send to Paula and the noncoincidence of it is that last week when you posted the info about her contest was the day I started writing this poem specifically about message in clouds. So thank you for the information. I am working on the “microsoft word” version of this as we speak 🙂

  3. nrhatch Says:

    Yay! The photos are perfect to convey the message from the clouds.

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    I know … I appreciate how our natural environment is always communicating with us … sometimes I understand and sometimes I don’t but I try to pay attention 🙂

  5. Congratulations, you were able to achieve some inner peace through the Tucson tragedy. I’ll be sending good thoughts to all of you who were so close to this painful event. Good luck on the Contest on Clouds.

  6. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Nancy for sending your energetic support … the Tucson community and myself appreciate it. I just sent Paula my entry for the cloud contest yesterday 😉

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