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For this I am grateful January 12, 2011

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  This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in a Spiritual Retreat with my class, The Tacheria School of Spiritual Direction.  It is the second one that I have had the honor of participating in with this group.  We meet at Picture Rocks Redemptorist Center which is in Tucson, AZ near Saguaro West National Monument.  Of course, I did not go alone, as you might well guess … the faeries of the SDFDC (Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan) and the muppet gang wanted to attend the retreat as well.

  Beeker was especially talkative in showing me that he wanted to go on long desert walks with his faerie buddy, Scout, who is good at following desert trails and finding all sorts of interesting paths to take.   Mama Bear came with us to make sure we were safe and didn’t get into too much trouble on our own. Beeker made his acquaintance with one of our friends of the Ba’hai Faith, Soraya.  Soraya was so pleased to meet Beeker and they quickly became good friends studying together and singing together and eating good meals together.

   After we did sharing as a group, talking of what it means to “spiritually direct” someone … it is about compainioning someone on their journey through their spiritual path.  We step out of the way and allow Spirit, Universe, God (however, Spirit looks to each individual) to be the director of a shared meeting.  We do not counsel nor give advice – only provide questions that persons look through on their journey to help them get the answers from within.

   On one of my individual meditations, Nature is a beautiful guide for me and Beeker and I followed Scout, the tour guide of the SDFDC, onto the nature path and we found ourselves amongst a clover patch on the outdoor lawn of some new faerie friend family living in a Mesquite tree.  Beeker looked at me and I said, “knock.”  He did but no one answered.  Quited saddened, I said, “Never fear, little friend, we can leave them a gift letting them know we came by to say hi.”  Beeker picked an orange hair (for faeries love to make swings and such from hair and spiderwebs … and they love color too) and left it outside the door.

   Next we made our way to the walking labyrinth which was a little further down the path.  Scout skipped ahead and Beeker rode in my pocket being that it was a little chilly outside.  We reached the labrynth and Beeker was quite happy to have his portrait taken.  Scout showed Beeker what to do at the labyrinth.  We lit some sage to clear the space and I let Beeker know that he should walk in and think about the things he was grateful for and leave a stone in the center as a gift and receive blessings for his connection with faeries, humans, other muppets and the Divine within and without.

   It is just in these moments that Scout, Beeker and myself are happiest in our connections with so many different worlds upon one world.  Many layers and levels existing all in one place, in one time.  Upon heading back to class, Beeker pointed out that he wanted to take photo of the bell. He loves the sound of bells.  I said, “What do you like?”  He said, “meee mew mmeee mmeww ”  (translated means:  It reminds me of angels).  I added that I liked hearing bells because it reminds me of our faerie family member, Belle.  Of course, Belle blushed at this mention and when a faerie blushes it covers their whole body, which makes it pretty impossible to hide.

   While sitting in class and participating in community events, our hearts were filled with joy at being surrounded by loving, caring people.   The faeries, the muppets, my classmates were grateful in this moment … this is when we found out about the tragic incident just five miles from where we were sitting.  I cannot express how all of us felt our hearts break in grief for the violence that had occurred and how it has now affected Tucson, where me and faerie clan reside, but Arizona, the country and the world. 

   Beeker, Belle, Scout and myself went to the mountain and did our prayers of Reiki connecting with Spirit asking that all those involved in the shooting as well as their families and friends be cared for with the courage of grace.  Scout asked me if we could go to the vigil being held at UMC and so that is where we went.  Beeker looked at me puzzled that he didn’t understand this event.  I let Beeker know that we may never understand but that our job in this time was to be the best people we could be in our lives. 


(Written by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Thank you to:  SDFDC, The Muppets, Our Readers 😉

   May all of our communities small or large be tended to with Love.


4 Responses to “For this I am grateful”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Joy mingled with pain
    One long bittersweet romance
    From cradle to grave

    Thanks, Shannon

  2. There is a labrynth in Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. It is a spiritual experience to walk it.

  3. faeriemagic Says:

    Hi Nancy … I just looked up images of this labyrnth in san francisco and it looks like they have both an indoor and outdoor labyrnth. They are both beautiful. Thank you for sharing the information with me. I appreciate it.

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