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Holiday Hoppin’ Magic December 27, 2010

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Headed to Yuma, I packed up the car … besides the usual clothes, shoes, under garments and gifts, the Muppet Gang insisted on coming down for the holiday celebration and frivolity.  “Well, if they go, we want to go too”  suggested Belle and Scout kindly.  “Of course, of course … I just thought all of you might want to go to your individual faerie dust clan and lillipad pond family fun,” I giggled.   We all loaded up in the car …. “Don’t forget our drum!” Twig exclaimed.  “Good job Twig,”  I said.  I don’t know how I would remember everything so many ideas tumblin’ round my head.

Early in the morning the sun rose slowly creating a beautiful sunrise of gold, purple, light pink all glowing and sparkling making all of us happy to be headin’ to see family.  “We get to play with CJ Dragonfly Rider and Smiling Gnomie again!”  Scout said excitedly.  “Woohoo,” the whole SDFDC, Muppet Gang and fellow Faerie Friends shouted out with glee.  Half way to Yuma outside of Gila Bend, rain had drenched the thirsty desert with some much needed nourishment.  The cool air and dampness created fog around the mountains and Kermie and Miss Piggy asked me to pull over the car to the side of the road on I-8 so that they could tak a romantic picture together.  Even after all of these years, these two were still very much in love (not to say they didn’t have their interspecies dating issues now and again) ….

Later in the day …..   CJ Dragonfly Rider, Smiling Gnomie and myself played in the front yard of my sis’ casa … (it took all of the Faerie Dust Clan and my sister and her husband just to get Smiling Gnomie dressed so we could play … he loves running naked around the neighborhood … freely expressing his individuality … which I am not against,

Froggye Freddie

 however, seeing as how we were going to be leaping off of rocks into grass … we didn’t want undo accidents to injure his future manliness as the faeries explained to him) … once dressed we soon found Yuma Faerie Friends running through the grass.  A new friend and cousin of the SDFDC was located beneath a pomegranite tree.  His name is Froggye Fred and he was looking for safety from the Unkind Queene of Kandi Kanes.  CJ Dragonfly Rider scooped Fred up and we placed him in a new safe location and Belle who is good a casting protection spells placed a concealing spell around him that would hide is GPS location for the Queene but not make him hidden from friends and family.  CJ and I gave eachother a high-five and Smiling Gnomie picked up a stone to gift to Fred.  With gratitude for his safety, Fred had left us a message of love and thanks underneath the stone showing his happiness with his new home.

CJ Dragonfly Rider and Froggye Freddie

The Gift of a Heart

I looked over and Scout was whispering something in CJ’s ear … “What are you two up to?”  I asked knowing that such whispering could possibly lead to chaos and commotion aplenty.  CJ Dragonfly Rider said, “Auntie … we have created a new game.”  Hmmmm …. “What would that be?”  I inquired … new games can be quite fun.  “Okay, well you, Auntie

Smiling Gnomie as Rudolph

, will be the Queene who gets angry and chases us and tries to eat us and then when we throw faerie dust at you, you turn into a nice faerie who helps us.”  … “Okay, ”  I said “But how will I turn back into Queene to chase you again?”  …. more whispering, more commenting, more head scratching … Belle jumped up and down on the large stone, “I know, I know… CJ Dragonfly rider!  When you want Auntie Faerie to turn back into Meanie Queene, use a magical vaccuum to suck the faerie dust off of her.”  And that is what we did … I must admit it was quite challenging to move between these two worlds of Meanie Queene and Nice Auntie Faerie Ladie … it was quite exhausting.   When Meanie Queene was active she almost ate one of Smiling Gnomie’s toes, but his brother CJ Dragonfly Rider and Button came to his rescue sprinkling me with magical faerie dust just in the nick of time (and did you know that Nick is actually another Faerie … but that is another story altogether)  that all I did was give his baby toe a gentle kiss instead.  “Whew … that was a close call,” we all agreed. … Off to bed and many faerie dust dreams awaited CJ and Gnomie.

The next day was a new adventure and the SDFDC and myself had important business to attend to … lunch with friends whom hadn’t seen one another for twenty years.  Miss Piggy primped and prepped herself and Kermie was his naturally dashing and debonaire self.  Off we went to lunch with Jen, Amy, Melissa and myself … catching up, giggling and learning a bit about our own journies over the twenty years …. two hours at lunch is hardly enough time … but the time spent was well worth it and Kermie and Piggy were quite pleased munching on mushrooms, salad and yummy minestrone soup.   Belle Faerie kindly requested the assistance of another customer to take our picture together.  These new memories of love and connection allowed us to bring more joy into the meaning of holiday and spirit of giving to one another.

"Old" Friends 😉

Christmas day and Santa has visited us here at the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan and family …. the faerie clan is very excited to see the gift CJ Dragonfly Rider and Smiling Gnomie have received, a Radio Flyer Wagon, (not quite the same as the ‘old days’ Scout noted) but it is larger … the Faeries, especially Twig, wanted to grab the handle and take CJ and SG for a ride around the block.  CJ gathered his much loved Woody doll and SG, his much traveled Buzz Lightyear, we packed up the Radio Flyer and the faerie family grabed the handle pulling the boys through the neighborhood streets.  Up and Down the streets we roamed smiling, laughing and visiting with the neighborhood dogs and cats.  “Woohoo!” we all shouted.  Much to the shagrin of the faeries and myself (especially me, Auntie Shanon, being in charge of the boys is that when one of the boys found himself scraped up … I got the credit .. ah man!).  CJ jumped from the wagon before a complete stop was reached.  SDFDC rules of engagement before entering the Radio Flyer craft is to keep arms and legs inside moving vehicle at all times and NOT to stand up while ride is in motion.  Scout lectured CJ, who was now laying on the ground with skinned elbow, “Mr. CJ, the rules are there for your benefit.  To avoid such problems in the future .. please take our suggestion.”  We washed the wound and bandaged it and were on our way.  Thank goodness… the faeries helped to keep me from getting into trouble with the more ‘adult’ persons (ie. Parental Figures), who were waiting back at home for us.  (As seen below, the wound will heal in no time flat and the injured party is recovering quickly … thank goodness!)


   Sunday saw me heading back to Tucson and all the Faerie Folk and Muppet Crew were remiss to bid adieu to family.  “Ahhhhh…. Shannon, can’t we stay and play just a bit longer with CJ Dragonfly Rider and Smiling Gnomie?”   I explained to them as much fun that we had had, Tucson beckoned for now with work and friends and that the boys, too, would be heading back to school as well. However, I did inform the SDFDC that when needed they could dash over to Yuma unattended without me to visit the boys as long as they caused no mischief and allowed the boys to get all their homework and chores done in a timely fashion!

Yuma Sunset

I hope with my heart that your holidays were found filled with love and adventure as well, dear readers of the Faerie Dust adventures.   Sending much joy to you for a Wondorous New Year!

Very Faerie Yuma Family Fun

(Story by:  Shannon Sullivan
  Photos by:   Shannon Sullivan
  Adventures by:  SDFDC – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan & The Muppet Gang
   Thank you kindly to Our Readers)

2 Responses to “Holiday Hoppin’ Magic”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    What a fun post. Sounds like a lovely get-to-gether with your friends from the past.

    We’re still celebrating here ~ my nieces leave tomorrow. It’s been delightful having them with us since Christmas day.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Hi Nancy! Glad you are having fun with your nieces 😉 It is always grand to create holiday magic with whatever form of family we celebrate with.

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