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The Bone Cage December 18, 2010

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    It has become important for us to remember, release and shift memories that may arise for us throughout our healing journey in life.  It is a process and never over and if you start on the path it can lead to great joy, great anger, great freedom, great pain, great beauty and despair but in the end a better knowing of who you were and who you want to be.  I worked with a client yesterday and we both experienced an incredible memory of hers that was beautifully remembered, re-written and released.

The Bone Cage

   As my client, lets call her Jane Doe for honoring her identity, as Jane lay on her stomach, I began to massage her back and shoulders.  After ten minutes, I met with an area behind her left shoulder blade just underneath the rib cage.  I asked inside if the area needed massage, and it told me “no, just sit here.”  So that is what I did.  I sat next to Jane and placed my hand on her rib cage.  When I guide clients inside to look at things that I “feel”, my intention is not to tell them what I see so that they guide themselves.   However, sometimes it is necessary to get them started by expressing what I notice and then have them move forward from a starting point.  I said to Jane, “What is here?  What do you notice?”  She told me that all the “pain” was on the other side.  I said, “Yes, I do understand.  This side, however, is cold and empty. ”  Then I followed it with, “All I see is an empty cage.” (of course I was on her rib cage as well, interestingly enough).  “Oh yes, I remember.” 

   Janes’ body memory:  “When I was six years old, my father came home from work with a Hawk. A Hawk for God’s sake … who does that?  But he did.  A buddy of his at work had it as a ‘pet’ … what are people thinking … but he did and he couldn’t handle it anymore so he gave it to my dad.  We had this Hawk in a cage in the backyard.  I was six years old, what did I know?  Nothing.  My mom and dad gave me the job of feeding this Hawk, this beautiful creature, who now was living in a cage.  As an adult, I now see how terrible it was.  I took the raw hamburger out to the cage in the back yard.  I stepped up to the cage, the Hawk looking at me, and I opened the door.  The Hawk flew at me and stopped.  I was astounded and stepped back, and we starred at each other.  The Hawk flew out of the cage.  That is why he came to me, to our house, to be released.”  

  I still my hand on her rib cage, this memory of the Hawk trapped here in this bone cage.  I said, “Jane, your body, the child in the memory keeps repeating ‘Don’t go…don’t go…don’t go’…. can you look at that for me.”  She was confused at first and then realized that although her adult self was glad for the release of the Hawk …. her child self had a different memory at the time of the event.  Jane said, “At the time (when she was six), when the Hawk flew away, I thought I had done something wrong.  I thought when I went inside I would get into trouble because my job was to feed him and instead he flew away.  But when I went inside no one said anything and it was never mentioned again.”  

   We helped the child of six re-write the memory that was stored in her rib cage, that she was okay, the six-year-old had done nothing wrong and now as an adult she gets to see the beauty of the experience of being the one to set the Hawk free.  Her adult self gets to go back and teach her child self that she indeed did well and this is what was supposed to happen.  The Hawk had come to her to find freedom.  Her adult self, who is now matured and in the healing process, gets to be her new parent now.  Old memories, re-written, new memories formed that are healthy. 

   The brain has an important task, a job, it is like a Jack Russell Terrier … if a Jack Russell is left unattended and given no job to do, he runs wild and digs up the yard or the house; however, if gifted a job to do, he does it well and is content.  We can give our brain a new job .. .taking old memories that we upload and rearranging them .. we can choose to delete them, re-image them giving our brain a more productive use of time and space.


(Written by:  Shannon Sullivan, LMT

  Images by:  Ribcage:

                  Caged Hawk:


   Adventures by:  SDFDC, The Muppet Gang & the Assistance of

                                      Spirit Allies

  Thank you to :  Our Readers! )


2 Responses to “The Bone Cage”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Beautiful tale . . .

    Letting go of the past can be difficult, but it’s worth it . . . our freedom’s at stake.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Nancy. I appreciate the feedback 😉 … letting go of the past has been probably one of my greatest challenges as well … I am doing better at it now than five years ago and hope to keep heading in that direction ! 😉

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