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The Elephant in the Room December 15, 2010

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“The Elephant in the Room”

  Ahhhhh…. I’ve got your attention …. but it isn’t really that kind of Elephant!  Most times when we speak of an “Elephant in the room” it is something unspoken that nobody is addressing but everyone knows is there.  This time I am speaking more of a literal elephant.

  I ran over to the bank to make a deposit and went into the office.  I filled out the deposit slip and looked up at the teller.  Hmmmm …. well, faerie friends, I thought …. how do we make this a joyful interaction, atleast for ourselves.  The bank teller had a frown upon her face and looked tired.  Sometimes initiating small talk can be a challenge for me especially if the other person is wearing a frown.

  Standing in line I kept humming quietly and asked within, “Oh Spirit, please, oh please, help me have a joyful transaction with the teller.”  I was next in line and met the teller, handing her my deposit slip.  “How’s your day going?”  I asked.  “Okay,”  she replied.  Hmmmm … no dice.  What else was she supposed to say anyway?  …. Processing my deposit, I kept asking inside, give me a clue, give me a hint, searching with my eyes.  Then I saw it!  The elephant in the room!

   Adorned around the neck of the bank teller was a beautiful necklace, a silver elephant and in the belly of the elephant was an orange colored stone.   That’s it … let’s see what happens.  “I love your necklace,”  I said clearly.  Her eyes lit up, and she smiled, touching it gently, “Thank you.”   The door opened, “What kind of stone is it?”  She said, “Amber.”  Then the next thing I know we are transported through smile and memory to the moment of her finding this treasure.  “I was in Chinatown in San Francisco.  I walked up and down smelling all of the wonderful food and meeting new people and then I found this tiny out of the way jewlery shop and there was this … this elephant. ”  I said, “That is so awesome.”  She said, “Yes.  I have a few elephant items.”  I added one more line before the transaction was complete, “Elephants are a great totem to have.”  She replied, “Yes. They are.”  


   Oh goody!  I thanked Spirit for guiding me to the doorway for a good interaction.  This doesn’t always transpire; however, practicing at it helps it to occur more frequently.   Thank goodness for the elephant in the room (this time)!



(Written by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Adventures by:  SDFDC – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan & their friend Mr. Elephant

   Thank you to :  Our Readers!)


4 Responses to “The Elephant in the Room”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    When I turn someone’s frown into a smile through simple interaction, that is more challenging than enlarging a smile already in place . . . but it’s the challenge that makes me do it.


    Someone is obviously stressed out in the grocery store . . . I say, “This too shall pass.” They smile in realization that it will.

    Or they are cursing on an elevator . . . I say, “You said the F word!” and laugh. They laugh with me.

    Glad you found the elephant in the room.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Nancy! I am too … sometimes “the elephant” appears and sometimes he doesn’t but it’s fun looking for him either way. 😉

  3. A small compliment to an overworked employee can certainly go a long way to brightening their day. Nice job.

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Nancy 😉

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