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Promise & Choice December 14, 2010

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In peace and light

Do I walk,

With Jesus, Mary

& Buddha

I do talk.

Going South (photo by: Elisabeth Black)


The path of Wind

That blows

Through my hair

And carries Words’

Wisdom to

My ears.


At sunrise each


I rejoice

At a new beginning

Full of

Promise and



At midday

Watch the



A trail

of Light


This Sacred place.

Who Me? (photo by: Shannon Sullivan)


Climb a tree,

Sit with ease;

Meet the

 “Little People”

Who chat with



May the

Force be with Us

Yoda states,

May the

Force be with Us

in every day.


Driving home

A sign


Upon a car



is here.


The setting


At day’s long


Keeps the


For Us

To grow again.


In the darkness

of the night,

It is the face

of Her, Our Moon,

That holds

Us in

Her delight.


The dreaming state

so vivid & bright

Awakes in Us

the meaning




Thank you God

for all that Is,

Thank you Universe

for this pure Bliss.

Thank you Grandmother

for the Love

Thank you Grandfather

and Heaven Above.


(Poem & Pic by:  Shannon Sullivan, Elisabeth Black

  Inspiration by:  SDFDC, Muppet Gang & Universe

  Thank you to :  Our Readers)


4 Responses to “Promise & Choice”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Beautiful post.

    Walking and talking with Jesus and Buddha would be a wonderful way to learn and grow.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Nancy. It definitely is a growing experience. 🙂

  3. Jo Anne Says:

    The simplicity is captivating, I enjoy reading it aloud.

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Joanne 😉

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