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Drumming, Dice & Delight December 11, 2010

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Drums, Dice & Delight!

The Juggling Act

   In daily living, there are often moments when we get the opportunity to learn how to juggle our responses to certain circumstances that may trigger old feelings.  Today I got to practice this and learned much and am happy with the outcome.  A couple of months ago I worked on facing my fear on bugs and did an outstanding job in this department (with the exception of Senor Cockroach … just not my friend and so he and I will agree to disagree).  Then a month ago I received the chance to face my fear of rats by meeting some wonderful domesticated pet rats ( ).

   Today my emotions were triggered by an event that occurred when I was twelve years old.  I began my day with a walk in the beautiful Rillito River park near my residence.  I have been clearing and cleaning a couple of the naturally landscaped desert areas around two mesquite trees whenever I go.  I bring flowers and keep creating space around the trees that feels healing.  One of the mesquite trees has a natural canopy that touches the ground around it.  A beautiful “cave-like” nest has been created under one of the trees at the park.  A new member of the SDFDC – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan, Twig, approached me and showed me two fabulous faerie perches on the Mesquite tree that were easily accessible by human be-ings.  I thanked Twig kindly for his information and promptly climbed the tree, which gave me a completely different view of my surroundings.  Twig informed my that he wasn’t really a “new” member per se.  I asked him, “Where have you been then?”  He giggled and answered, “I often spend much of my time cultivating the ground under the debris you see around trees, under branches and leaves and so I am not often ‘seen’ because of this.  When I do get to pop my head up from under all the fallen fertile foliage, I am often surprised at where I am standing.”  I thanked him once more and wished him well in his important tasks. 

    During my visit with Mesquite, I decided to sit and drum as a way of connecting with the area.  After drumming, an elderly man approached with his dog, a German Shepard, who was leashed.  A large piece of granite stone sits next to the Mesquite and the man wanted to take a break.  As they approached, I looked at this beautiful German Shepard and felt queasiness in my stomach.  Twenty-six years ago on my 12th birthday, my mom and I drove by my friend’s house to pick her up.  Her dog, a German Shepard, whom I was also friends with, charged out of the house and bit through my outreached arm.  I spent part of my birthday in the hospital getting stitches and a shot. 

   So here I stood face-to-face with this German Shepard … hmmm …. I asked my body to ease up.  Well, The Muppet Gang, who had been present at the drumming just moments ago (as seen in photo to the left sitting on the stone just above the drum) were no where to be found.  Oh sure, guys, leave me to fend with this doggie on my own!  I let my hand go forward just slightly so the dog could smell it.  He sniffed, no reaction and then BOOM!  he reared back and started barking aggressively at me.  The elderly man pulled him back and made him sit down.  In the past I might have “fled” the scence.  However, I stayed.  The elderly gentelman and myself talked about how “Dice”, Mr. European German Shepard, was instinctively protecting him.  I pulled my drum out of its case and set it on the stone in front of Dice so he could inspect it at his own pace.  He sniffed it and was content with the drum being an inert object which would cause him no harm.  I, myself, then sat upon the ledge of the large granite stone and crossed my legs and put my hands in my lap.  I figured that if Dice wanted to meet me, he would choose his own time.  He slowly made his way over to me, sniffing my knees and hands and legs and then he licked my hands.  After another five minutes, he allowed me to pet his head and neck and five minutes after that he allowed me to rub his ears.    Dice and I parted as friends.   After Dice and his owner departed the scene, I found the Muppet Gang hiding in the front pocket of the drum bag.  “There you are!” I exclaimed, “what were you doing?”  Kermie squirmed uncomfortably, “we were afraid he would try to gobble us up for a mid-morning snack.”  Well, Kermie did have a good point … I, myself, am 5’2″ in height … Kermie, Piggy & Animal, being mere finger puppets, are only 2″ tall …

Dice the Dog

   So Dear Reads of Delight …. what experiences have you had that make you juggle your emotions and how did you handle the situation?



(Post & Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Adventures by:  SDFDC & The Muppet Gang

  Thank you to:  Our Fantastic Faerie Readers)


2 Responses to “Drumming, Dice & Delight”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Beautiful post.

    Bravery and courage are not the absence of fear . . . but the sitting still to face our fears.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Nancy for the supportive words. Have a beautiful day.

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