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Happy Feet December 4, 2010

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“Happy Feet”

  Today while working with one of my bodywork clients, I had asked her if she was doing her exercises to strengthen her ankles.  She replied, “No” stating that she didn’t have time for it.  (Atleast she was honest with me).  She is currently seeing a physical therapist to help strengthen her ankle after getting a tear in her achilles’ tendon.  I see her twice a week and we have been doing myofascial unwinding along with Craniosacral therapy to assist the healing process of her ankle.

Swan and Shadow by John Hollanders

  At first I was irritated that she wasn’t doing her exercises.  I could assist her only so far, but for her ankle to fully recover and strengthen she was going to have to do her exercises.  I have been practicing being more upfront and honest with my clients so that they take their care into their own hands.  I look at being diplomatic in my communication and waited until I had the wording in my mind to gift it to her so she could hear it.  I told her that our work together couldn’t move forward unless she started doing her exercises.  Anything I could help her with would only take us so far and then if she didn’t strenthen the muscles in the ankle around the tendon, there was nothing else I could do.

  As I worked at her feet, I looked up at her head and noticed all of her energy and thoughts were in her head and that she wasn’t present inside herself at all.  I moved up to her head and began speaking to her.  We moved the thought, imaginarily, out of her head and into a beautiful purple crystal bowl and turned each thought into a beautiful flower.  Then I needed to give her brain a job … the brain is great when it has a job to do.  This cuts down on the thought traffic inside of it.  I had my client begin to write the alphabet with both feet.  Not only is this a great intrisic muscular exercise for the ankles but it keeps the brain occupied and shuts the chatter down.  It also makes the brain connect directly to the body.  Then I was gifted a great idea.  I asked my client to choose a word, a sentence, a quote or phrase that made  her happy and then told her to write this word or sentence or phrase with her feet.  So now my client is exercising her ankles, make her feet happy, giving her brain a job but now she is also sending a fabulously beautiful message to her whole body with the phrase she is writing with her feet. 

   So my client’s assignment has become taking a word, phrase, sentence or poem and writing it with her feet once a day and she can pick something different each day.

   So fabulously fine readers of mine: 

  What word, phrase or poem would your feet write?


(Written story by:  Shannon Sullivan, LMT  (

  Photo of Swan poem found on blog “Poetry Ireland”:

Poem: “Swan and Shadow” by John Hollanders

  Thank you to:  Our Readers! 😉  …. You Rock!)


6 Responses to “Happy Feet”

  1. Julia Bear Says:

    Shannon, that is brilliant! And that poem made my morning. I think I will share that inspiration with the Bozeman Gypsey Rhythm Writer’s Group and make some creative writing prompt out of it….hmm. I am amazed at your depth of insight into your client, keep up the good work!

  2. Julia Bear Says:

    Oh…I would write the phrase, “Om tara tuttare ture so ha” 😉

  3. nrhatch Says:

    That is AWESOME!

    Love the fact that you received such a nifty Gift of an idea to share with your client.

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Nancy! I love it

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