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Earning My Faerie Wings November 30, 2010

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 “Earning My Faerie Wings”

     For the fabulous Thanksgiving holiday, the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan and myself traveled to my hometown, Yuma, AZ, to visit with my family.  Our fun, food and sharing was of the usual generous nature on Thursday; however, I was not expecting the adventures we had on Saturday.

Kermie’s Rainbow Connection

  First of all, after dressing for the day, Kermie, who had traveled with us, found a magical pile of colored cotton pieces used to make decorative designs.  They were all sitting neatly in the bag, contained and minding their own business.  He whispered to me, “Hey look guys, we create our own colorful rainbow connection!”  My eyes grew big with anticipation.  My mom’s kittie, Kali, shook her head standing in the background mewing, “You guys are going to get busted.”  Well, the fun and joy of making the colorful mess of a rainbow indoors was beyond temptation  and so we went for it!  However! I must also explain that all of us, Kermie, the Faerie Dust Clan and myself, were in complete agreement that we were allowed to make the ‘mess’ if we also agreed to clean it up afterwards.  This is very important etiquette.  Don’t make messes and expect others to pick it up for you (although you are allowed to ask for help).   Note:  (in the pic you will see the beautiful rainbow … we did, indeed, pick up after ourselves.  No kitties, faeries or froggies were harmed in the making of this rainbow)

Mr. Gnomie Pants Traversing Trying Terrain

   Promptly after the rainbow incident, Belle and Button, who have already met my two nephews, suggested that we all go to the Wetlands Park to play.  “Shannon,” Belle blurted “let’s take CJ Dragonfly Rider and Mr. Smiling Gnome to the park to play amongst the trees and river and such.”  I asked the boys if they would like to go play, and they both were quite thrilled to make the journey.  “Auntie, Auntie,” Smiling Gnome, who is two-years-old, said” le’ts go, let’s go.”   I said, “Well, we have to get you dressed first Senor Gnomie Pants.”  Of course, as two-year-olds are wont to do, he said, “Why?”  So Scout leapt into the room and onto Mr. Gnomie’s shoulder and explained that naked toddlers are prohibited in public places.  “Hm” is all Mr. Gnomie said as we helped him get dressed.

  Belle bounced into CJ Dragonfly Rider’s room and said, “One down, one to go.”  Okay … so we chose by weather necessity the layers that should be worn by Mr. CJ so as not to percure a cold although seeing how adventuring to the public park would be a test of enormous germiness, it probably didn’t matter at that point.  Button told me, “The Faerie Dust Clan and I will do what we can to fight off the germies while you guys have fun.  We will bring our extra sooper dooper germie fighting faerie dust spray with us.”  I thanked him kindly for braving this terrain with us.

CJ Dragonfly Rider Ready for takeoff

   Grandma, CJ, Gnomie, The Faerie Dust Clan and myself arrived at the park and played in normal fashion.  We swung from the bars and traveresed the mountain climbing wall, we galloped across a harrowing rope walk that was a foot off the ground and braved the castle teaming with dozens of tromping children of varying ages.  This seemed to be the normal part of the day, and I bet you are wondering when, where and how I earned my faerie wings.

   All of us tumbled tiredly back into Grandma’s Faerie Dust Transport Vehicle (a Honda) and headed back to the house.  Here is where it grew interesting.  We passed a home that had just put up a holiday display in their front yard.  CJ noted how Mr. and Mrs. Snowman were welcoming everyone hello.  I noted how Santa was riding in the sled.  Grandma noted how the reindeer was guiding the sleigh and that she herself was lucky enough to have personally met Rudolph in her childhood.

Poor Woody!

  We parked and got out.  CJ Dragonfly Rider and myself decided to walk down to the house with Belle, Button & Scout and say hello to the new neighborhood guests.  CJ said that Woody would also like to join us on our adventure.  He grabbed Woody’s cowboy hat, plopped it on his head and we all headed down the street.  All the events happened so quickly, we all had little time to react.  CJ and I were giggling when all of sudden Woody saw another car coming behind us.  A neighborhood cat dashed in front of the car and Woody went to rescue kitty from harm and he himself was struck by the car.  We were all in a state of shock.

   CJ lovingly scooped Woody from the car and received no response.  We looked at eachother worried.  What would happen to poor Woody?  CJ suggested we take him over to where Mr. and Mrs. Snowman and Santa were.  We layed him on the ground.  CJ set Woody’s hat aside and held his hand.   He looked up at me with sad eyes, worry in his face, “Auntie?  What do we do now?”

 “What do we do? What do we do?” I thought to myself?  My hand touched my bag that was   at my side.  Aha!  “I know,”  I said to Cole, Kermie & the SDFDC.  I grabbed the faerie dust pouch from my bag and sprinkled it on Woody.  Not even three seconds (I was in fact counting) later … Woody  hopped up, landing on his feet, saying, “There’s a snake in my boot!”  CJ, Belle, Button, Scout and myself all were startled and giggled. 

   We gave Woody a hug and were so happy he wasn’t injured.   Woody said, “What happened?”  I just saw all my toy friends flash before my very eyes.  We told him that in trying to rescue the poor kitty, he had put himself in harms way and been hit by a car.  “Is the kitty alright?”  Woody inquired.  We all shook our heads that yes kitty had been okay.

Mr. & Mrs. Snowman Meet Santa Claus

   We were all so elated that Woody was indeed okay we started laughing outloud in thanks.  CJ Dragonfly Rider asked Woody to be more careful next time and instead maybe he could use his lasso to catch the Kitty and pull it out of the way instead of jumping in front of the car.  Woody giggled, “That never even crossed my mind.  Thanks CJ!”

   Belle, Button & Scout bestowed upon me honorary Faerie status for quick thinking in using the magical faerie dust to revive Woody.  As a symbol of my honorary membership, I was gifted some magical faerie wings.  Now in the “real world” the wings may appear to be the remnants of fallen palm leaves – however – in the land of natural magic and wizadry, one is able to instatntly see the

Faerie Wings

 faerie-ness of the wings indeed. I will wear my wings proudly!

    All of us agreed that this was quite an adventerous day indeed and definitely not one we had planned.   Thank goodness we all helped take care of one another!


What are you guys up to?

(Written words and photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

   Adventures by:  SDFDC, Kermie, CJ Dragonfly Rider & Mr. Gnomie Pants

   Thank you to :  Our Readers!)


4 Responses to “Earning My Faerie Wings”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    What a glorious adventure!

    Do you read Paula’s blog? If not, here’s her post on Northern Lights and a Fire Rainbow:


  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Hey Nancy … Thank you ! … I haven’t read Paula’s blog. Just checked it out. Awesome! 😉

  3. nrhatch Says:

    I thought you might enjoy it! Have a Terrific Tuesday!

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    And you as well! 😉

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