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Meet ‘The Rattersons’! November 18, 2010

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“Meet ‘The Rat-tersons’!”

  About four months ago I set a goal for myself:  To Overcome My Fear of Bugs … I don’t know when or where it started, but I decided that, in general, most bugs are pretty harmless.  I would get tingly skin just looking at a cricket or seeing a spider.  I vividly recall one morning when I was in high school.  I was getting ready for school and jumped into the shower.  I went to pick up the shampoo bottle and hiding behind it was a gigantic, hairy tarantula!  Eegads!  I jumped out of the shower and ran down the hallway, naked, screaming “Ahhhhhh!”  Now, of course, the image is quite humorous.  At the time, however, I was truely mortified.  The irony of it is that not twelve years before that day, I had kept a tarantual as a pet.  What changed?  Why the phobia?  I don’t know. 

   So my mission four months ago was to address this fear.  I asked all non-poisonous bugs to join me in friendship.  So the first one that showed up was a cricket in my living room.  I took a deep breath and picked the cricket up (squirming in my hands … oh man so tough) and placed him outside.  The next bug friend that appeared was a huge iridescent Junebug … I was at a community event playing a large Jembe drum when, like Superman and his glowing blue cape, Mr. Junebug swooped out of the sky and onto my leg.  As I grew comfortable with him there, I continued to play the drum and he even decided to join in on the fun as well.  I nicknamed him Mr. Jembe Junebug!  I met several other critters along my mission, but the last one was Grandmother Tarantula outside the home of one of my clients.  Grandmother Tarantula was crossing the street and allowed me to walk with her for a little bit.

  This leads me to my next mission which presented itself two weeks ago.  RATS! (even if they are domesticated pet rats)  RATS!  none the less.  Ever since that horrible horror movie in the 70’s about killer rats, I have disliked and had great fear of them.  Now this presents a challenge in that, being born in 1972 (yes, I am dating myself … oh well),  I was born in the Year of the Rat.  Hmmmmm….. so the challenge presented itself last week to me.  One of my friends was at home.  He lives on the first floor of an apartment complex and has a small patio out back.  His girlfriend stepped out onto the patio at 9:00 p.m. and screamed!  He went out and there looking up at him in terror were two domesticated rats, one brown, one white.  He could see the large dumpster from where he stood and noticed that someone had thrown away a cage.  The two rats were holding eachother for dear life.  He came to their rescue, scooped them up, grabbed the cage and took them in.

   Here was my chance … face my fear!  So I executed my new mission and completed it successfully yesterday!   I definitely could not have accomplished my mission without the help of the aweseome Faerie Dust Clan!  I asked them to go over to the house before me and greet and play with the ‘Rat-tersons’ so that they would feel comfortable when I arrived.  Scout led the way while Belle and Button followed behind.  Once at the house, they bowed to Lucky and Ratty and asked if they could pet them.  Lucky & Ratty, seeing the honesty and kindness of the faerie folk, nodded in agreement.  Well, soon enough, like out of a scene from a traveling circus, Belle was astride of Lucky and Button saddled up on Ratty and they were galloping around the cage like two clowns upon elephants backs.  It was quite a sight to see (I am told).  Because the kind Faerie Dust Clan paved such an auspicious way for me,  I, myself, met Lucky and Ratty, and we hit it off swimmingly.  Ratty was quick to make my acquaintance.  Lucky on the other hand, although not upset, was quite shy.  I am quite pleased with my progress … I like my RAT-self more and more 😉

Mission Accomplished!

   So … Dear Readers of the Magical Realm of Faerie:



Life is a Circus (photo by: Quynn Elizabeth)

(Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photos & Video by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Adventures by:  SDFDC

   Thank you to:  Fabulous Fantastic Friends of Faerie)


5 Responses to “Meet ‘The Rattersons’!”

  1. Rats, both animals and astrological humans, are very affectionate. I speak with authority, because I’m married to an astrological human rat.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Yes I see this to be true. I,myself, can be affecionate and my meeting these animal rats and seeing their true nature will assist me in being more myself. Thank you Nancy 😉

  3. nrhatch Says:

    I have a phobia of snakes. I do NOT view it as irrational. Even Indiana Jones hates snakes. 😉

    That said, I am OK if I see them and can maneuver around them. But I don’t want them to sneak up on me.

    Crickets, rats, cockroaches, spiders . . . I’ve got no big problem with them as long as they don’t try to curl up in bed with me at night, or hang out in the shower with me when I’m naked.

    I don’t like bugs that bite or sting me, but they don’t really scare me.

    I’ve never met a tarantula. I think I would view them the way I do snakes.

    Anyway . . . congratulations on your progress. Sounds like you are making great strides with your fairy friends.

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    Thanks Nancy!

    Yep … I ask the more venemous critters to keep to themselves out of respect for one another’s space 😉

  5. […]    In daily living, there are often moments when we get the opportunity to learn how to juggle our responses to certain circumstances that may trigger old feelings.  Today I got to practice this and learned much and am happy with the outcome.  A couple of months ago I worked on facing my fear on bugs and did an outstanding job in this department (with the exception of Senor Cockroach … just not my friend and so he and I will agree to disagree).  Then a month ago I received the chance to face my fear of rats by meeting some wonderful domesticated pet rats ( ). […]

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