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The Art of Hibernation November 14, 2010

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   The Art of Hibernation

Circle of Faerie Dust Light

This time of year it is normal for animals and plants alike to go into hibernation.  The days grow shorter and the world feels more cave like with the sun rising in the east later in the morning and setting in the west earlier in the evening.  We, ourselves, as humans, would love, love, love to do the same thing I think, but somehow we have grown accustom to the hustle and bustle of daily lives and activities (especially those of the Western World).  However, sometimes keeping up with the hustle and bustle can seem overwhelming when the days grow shorter.

  So I asked the Faerie Clan for some advice on how we, humans, can bring more light to ourselves during these hibernation times so that we still feel active and connected and full of inner light.  Scout, who is awesome at discovering

The Glyph of the Sidhe & Green Woman

information and tracking ideas, said, “Miss Shannon, let’s have a Faerie Dust Making workshop for the folks.  Faerie Dust brings the inner light of the natural world into people’s lives and it will give wisdom and guidance to people.  All they need do is ask, kindly of course.”  I thanked Scout for his wonderful advice and set about creating a workshop with the help of the SDFDC (Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan) that had participants first, make their own faerie dust from what I have been collecting for the last six months and then we would do a shamanic drum journey with the faerie dust and faerie guides.

   Today,  I held the first workshop and it went swimmingly or magically or glitterifically well!  The reason faerie dust (real faerie dust from dried flowers) works so well is that it holds the energy of the original plant with it.  Each plant and blossom have healing energies associated with them.  Each individual in the workshop was able to connect with the flowers that “felt” like what they needed energetically for the day.  Each participant started with the same “base note” of blossoms from the Palo Verde tree.  “Palo Verde” translated from Spanish means literally “Green Hair”.  This connection with the roots of the Palo Verde as the “Mother” holds the energy of whatever other blossoms are added to it.  Then I asked each person to choose 3 or 4 other “notes” or “blossoms” to add to their faerie dust.  This personalized faerie dust was then used to help each individual focus on their own information into the shamanic journey. 

   A “glyph” or image was gifted to each person to look at initially as a doorway into the Faerie Realm.  I was gifted this glyph through John Mathews book called “The Sidhe” (pronounced Shee).  As I began to drum the participants into the journey, they held the glyph in their minds and entered the faerie realm where a guide was present to help them gather information they needed to assist them in finding what inner light could shine for them during this time of hibernation.  The drum echoed around the room holding space for us all to journey into the natural kingdom of faerie.

   My two messangers of light were  White Owl to be able to hunt and stay active even during the seeming slow growing times and the other was Parrot who is known to keep the light all year round and who acts as a diplomat between the animal kingdom and the human world.

So Many Lovely Choices

   The SDFDC was extremely pleased with our first workshop of Faerie Dust Making and Shamanic Journey Wisdom and look forward to more good stuff in the future.  Thank you Faeries and Friend of Faerie alike!


Nanette - A Faerie in the Making

(  Words by: Shannon Sullivan

  Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Participants:  Elisabeth, Quynn, Nanette, Myself & SDFDC

  Adventures by:  SDFDC (Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan)

  Thank you to:  Our Readers & Friends of Faerie)


2 Responses to “The Art of Hibernation”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    What a wonderful way to remind people to connect with the Earth while allowing their inner light the freedom to shine.

    Thanks, Shannon (and the glitterific fairies who assist her endeavors)!

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Thanks Nancy! The faeries love to be as helpful as they can 😉

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