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Can I get a Hand with that? November 10, 2010

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Can I get a hand with that?

   Last May, The Faerie Clan and I sat down to think of what we could possibly teach to our Green Valley friends in relation to bodywork and self-maintenance.  I looked up at the wall, and Scout pointed to the poster of the Foot Reflexology chart.  “What about this, Shannon?”  he asked.

  My first reaction was, “That’s a great idea Scout!”  And then what I am often want to do is “imagine” teaching the workshop and how it might look.   I started imagining a group of senior citzens (Green Valley being a retirement community) trying to put their foot up on their lap and work on their own feet for self-care.  The Faerie Clan and I all shook our heads … nope that won’t work at all!  Belle said, “Don’t throw the whole idea out guys!  What about Hand Reflexology?  It is the same thing and then there won’t be the problem of  angling hips and legs.  Hands are right in front of us.”  Ahhh …. I thanked Belle for the great alternative.

  Hand Reflexology is a way for us to sit down and tune in with our bodies.  It allows us an opportunity to stop and listen to what our bodies are saying to us.  We get the opportunity to sit in our first and original “house” …. our bodies … these were meant to be our temples, our homes … how we take care of our bodies, is how we connect with the Universe. 

  In the two hour workshop I like to present a basic ten minute self-care routine that participants can take home with them and this gives them the opportunity to listen to themselves and find out what their bodies are saying internally.  The hands and feet are the electrical blueprint for the skeletal system and internal organs of our own personal solar system.  The body usually responds with much delight at being heard if this is not something it is used to receiving. 

  The benefits are awesome!  These include reduction in stress, increase in mental awareness, overall digestive health, decrease in arthritic pain and a better awareness of the needs of your own body.


 Thank you!  And  have a beautiful day …. Oh and thus far the workshops have gone much better than if I had tried to teach the self-care with Foot Reflexology … no worries about dislocated hip joints!  😉


(Written words:  Shannon Sullivan & SDFDC

  Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

   Good news and Adventures by: SDFDC – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan

   Thank you and Appreciation to Our Readers)


2 Responses to “Can I get a Hand with that?”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    Wonderful post . . . hands down!

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Thanks Nancy! I’ve got to hand it to you … you always are supportive 😉

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