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A New Perspective November 5, 2010

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  Sometimes in life we see things a certain way and something or someone comes along and asks us or forces us to view things in a different perspective.  We can either take the challenge and look deeply within ourselves to inspect what is true for us and if this new information resonates with us, we get the opportunity to reflect and integrate it into our lives.

  Or not …

  The choice is ours.  Anger usually arises from being challenged to think, look or act in a new way.  If our core values are true and beautiful for us, we should have no problem taking these new perspectives and seeing how they will shape our world and then make the decision to integrate or throw out.

  One of my clients today took off her glasses, which she had broken earlier in the week.  The  piece which goes over the ear was half gone.  She could have thrown the glasses out.  Instead, she stuck an earplug on the end of the side missing the piece and Voila, the glasses fit and are still functional until she decides to replace them.

   It is good to always take a look at our perspectives and see what to keep and what to throw out .. how our vision can change or shift as we need it to to help us keep growing and learning and stretching our limits.

  Awesome Readers, our Faerie Friends of Nature ask you this:

What in your life do you want to take a look at and gain new perspective on that can be integrated, shifted, stretched, changed or let go of?


Goat - A Master of New Perspectives

(Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

 Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Adventorous perspectives by:  SDFDC – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan

   Thank you to:  Our Rad Readers!


2 Responses to “A New Perspective”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    I agree with you . . . anger often “arises from being challenged to think, look or act in a new way.”

    And what we resist . . . persists.

    The more open we are, the less anger and angst we feel.

    BTW: I love her “fix” of her glasses.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Thanks Nancy! When I saw her take the glasses off, I thought “great job”! I told her it was great adaptation and it reminded me of the peg legs that are reminiscent of the old drawings of pirates that had lost their leg at sea. It made me giggle (not the pirate’s lost leg … but the glasses resembling the pirate’s lost leg … is that the same thing?) 😉

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