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Global Meditation Circle October 25, 2010

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   One Earth Practice is a group who holds space to facilitate on the web a Global Meditation once every three months.  The idea is to have people or groups of people from any backgroud, no matter their faith, religion or spirituality, energetically joining at the same time around the world for a guided meditation with the intention of creating the feeling of Universal Love.  Each webcast is lead by a different facilitator. 

   This time the theme was the element, “FIRE”.  Fire is about destroying, burning or letting go of those things we no longer need.  As those things are let go of and they fall away, they become the fodder for new things to grow.  The meditation was lead by a Kahuna Healer from Hawaii who has been practicing for over twenty years.  She lead the meditation through the Hawaiian spiritual practice of song, prayer and the dance of hula.

   To participate in these meditations, it can be done individually or with a group and anyone can form a group wherever they are.  You just register at: at the One Earth Practice website and they send you an email with the time and date of the next meditation.

   The small group I lead today was peaceful, light and loving.  We share the space with one another while at the same time knowing that others from across the world were sharing the same beautiful meditation as us.  This connection creates a vibrant energy of kindness throughout the world and the Universe.   May this wave of brilliant light resonate for those around us as well.  To close the circle I asked  for each of us to come up with one word that would represent how we wanted to greet the world for the rest of the day.  Eileen’s word was:  JOY.  Phil’s word was:  ALIVE.  My word was:  DELICIOUS. 


   Our hope and wish for you, dear readers, is that your week be filled with the JOY of being ALIVE at all the DELICIOUS encounters you will have.  Please feel free to post a comment on the blog about what in your life brings you JOY, makes you feel ALIVE or that you find DELICIOUS. 😉


(Written word by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

   Gratitude for:  Life and Our Readers

    Adventures by:  S.D.F.D.C.  –  Sonoran Desert fAerie Dust Clan)


2 Responses to “Global Meditation Circle”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    The Universe gifted us with some wonderful synchronicity yesterday.

    Leading to a day filled with joy, delcious offerings, and the grand feeling of being alive.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Most fabulous Universe of Delicious Delights! Yay!

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