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Kermie Enjoys Nature October 23, 2010

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“Kermie Enjoys Nature”  

 “It ain’t easy being green,”  Kermit the Frog always says but he does find ways to make it fun!

    Like enjoying the bright blue sky with the Cloud People.  They hang out together talking about the weather, of course.

    He likes to hop on over to the beautiful Marigolds growing from the ground.  He checks in with them to make sure they are happy.  From their beautiful glowing brightness, he learns the answer is “Yes” they are happy and cheery.

   One of his beloved Cloud People friends, Gust, shared a little philosophy with him.  “Kermit,”  Gust whistled, “we gotta learn to blow with the wind not against it.  Cloud People don’t create wind to make people angry or upset.  We like to stir things up to make people think and be and be reminded by the natural world around them or else how else would they know were here.  ”  Kermit sat and pondered a moment.  “Thanks Gust for sharing this with our reader friends.  We know they sometimes have Cloud People blow into their lives and stir things up and it can be very green indeed.  But now that we know you are just trying to get our attention.  Next time we’ll just stop and say ‘hi’. ”   Gust whirled up a small dust devil and was pleased with his conversations with his friend, Kermie.

   Thank you Gust for sharing with us.  I know it has taken me a loooooooooooooooooong time to become friends with the wind.

Gust of the Cloud People


Have a beautiful day!


(Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan, Kermit the Frog and Gust

   Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

   Guest philosopher:  Gust of the Cloud People

   Adventures by:  S.D.F.D.C. – Sonoran Desert fAerie Dust Clan

   Thank you to Our REaders 😉


4 Responses to “Kermie Enjoys Nature”

  1. nrhatch Says:

    I had an Aha! moment today . . . when I realized for the first time that you had a blog.

    Maybe it was more of an “oops” moment.

    Anyway, I’ve added you to my blog roll and subscribed and look forward to more of your posts. 🙂

    Say “hey” to Kermit for me. I love that frog.

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Thank you adding me to your “roll” 😉 … Kermie says “Hi” 😉 & sends big froggy kisses (although Miss Piggy was not too happy about that)

  3. nrhatch Says:

    Tell Miss Piggy that it will not happen again. I do not wish to intrude on her relationship with Kermit. (^_^)

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    Miss Piggy just said, “Hm” and turned her back and said “Better not” 😉 … I told her you were a friend. She’ll be okay

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