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“The High Life” October 22, 2010

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   “The High Life”   

Rays of Light

Now that I have your attention! ….  (it’s not what you think….)

   It is both what you think and not what you think.  Today, when I woke up and was driving to the park before going into work, the clouds rolled up into fog, covered the sky, letting little bits of sunlight in.  Being quite unusual weather for Tucson in October, it caught my attention.  The Catalina Mountains peeked through the fog and the smell of dew filled the air.  As I wandered around the park, the kids (Muppet kids that is) and I saw the awesome foliage blooming and watched the bees buzzing and drinking the nectar of the flowers.  Walking back to my car, I imagined this type of breathing in the air and moisture and sunshine and fog and mountains was my “high” for the day that would be with me whenever I needed it. 

Fire & Gold

  Funny thing about Spirit, Universe, God is the sense of humor that the Spirit World has.  In the ground beneath my feet lie a beer bottle cap stamped into the dirt, “The High Life.”  I started to giggle.  We, as humans, have all sorts of way to get “High” in life or we can choose to get high “ON” life.  The choice is entirely ours.  Spirit makes no judgement but lets you decide what is best for yourself at each moment.

   Have a wonderful day and please feel free to comment on the high points that life brings you 😉 …

The High Life


     …………  or even the funny, silly things that Spirit has a sense of humor about ! ….  🙂


( Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

   Humorous moment brought to by:  God, Spirit, Creator

   Adventures courtesy of:  S.D.F.D.C. – Sonoran Desert fAerie Dust Clan

   Thank you to Our Readers!

   Special guests – The Muppet Kids

Rays of Light


4 Responses to ““The High Life””

  1. Watching young children interact with their environment never ceases to amaze me and make my spirit soar.

  2. I know. I love it! In fact there is a buddhist Garden in Montana and on their facebook page today there is a story of a child interacting with her mom and the statue of Yum Chenmo “Divine Mother” … it is a great story illustrating this exact topic:!/pages/Garden-of-1000-Buddhas-and-Dalai-Lama-in-Montana-2011/110506465644118

  3. nrhatch Says:

    I love the song, Back in the High Life Again, by Steve Winwood.

    I haven’t had a Miller High Life in ages . . . but wouldn’t turn one down on a hot summer day. 🙂

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    That’s a great song! Have an awesome day 😉

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