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Nature’s Remedy October 15, 2010

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“Nature’s Remedy”   

Texas Ebony (photo courtesy of: )

 I was out for a short walk the other day before attending my dance class.  I happened to walk by a tree, a Texas Ebony to be more precise, and as I was passing by the faeries of the Sonoran Desert Clan grabbed my shoe laces pulling me to a halt.  I looked down and asked, “What is it Button?”  (Button is one of the Faerie Dust Clan tribe members … please refer to story “Button Button whose got the Button” to find out all about his name  … ). 

    Button smiled and said, “Shannon, look at that on the ground by your feet.”  Well I had almost stepped on a seed pod from the Texas Ebony that was laying open upon the desert ground.  I picked it up and turned it over and over in my hands.  I asked Button (politely, of course), “Uhm, Button, what am I supposed to do with this?”  He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders faigning ignorance.  Okay, Okay … this one I was supposed to let bubble up over time.

   I was in dance class, stepping to the beat of the Djembe drum, when I saw it!  The seed pod!  I knew at that moment what it reminded me of.  At that moment, I heard the clapping hands of the fAerie dust clan like the popping of bubble wrap in my head.  I giggled.

   After class, I sat down with the faeries and we discussed that yes indeed, the insides of this seed pod resembled the image of what some humans now use that is called a “Prescription Pill Box Organizer” (usually made from plastic) and used to pills, vitamins and supplements well organized.  I asked the fAerie dust clan members, “But what can it mean that they look so similar?”   Belle sighed, “Shannon, please, use your imagination.”

   So I sat and I imagined and I sat and I walked and I went to the park and that is when I remembered all of the magical Faerie Dust we have been creating for the last six months.  I filled each groove of the seed pod from the Texas Ebony’s offering with the fAerie flower dust.  Filling each groove with the magic of the Ocotillo flowers, the Pomegranite, the Palo Verde blossoms, the offerings of the Jumping Cholla and the Willow.  The array creating a colorful rainbow of healing from the dried flowers.   “Ohhhhhhhhhhh …. ,”  I said out loud, “I get it.  The remedy of our wholeness lies in the wisdom of Nature and its ability to heal us.”  

    All the fAerie dust clan members nodded heads, wiggled toes, spun around three times each way and did little flips and flops.  “As we come back to Nature for help, Nature helps us.  The big circle of guidance and wisdom.  This will lead us back to understanding our natural selves which we have forgotten.”  Scout (who is an awesome trail guide) replied.  “Wow, Scout, that is a pretty big message,”  I raised my eyebrows.  “Yes and challenging but definitely worth the adventure,”  Iris grinned.

Magical fAerie Dust is one remedy provided by Nature

   I thanked the fAeries for their guidance and wisdom and asked if I could share with our readers, and they said, “Sure!”  So I hope you enjoy the wisdom and pictures from Our Mother Nature and her home to us.


  ( I would like to add an additional note to this true tale …. Nature provides many natural remedies for all of us and we can begin to access this wisdom.  I am not saying to throw all prescription medications away and that all of them are bad.  I just wanted to bring to light that as we listen to our bodies and our natural selves and make choices that are connected with this, the help many times can be found in nature as we begin a journey of understanding.  It is hard work and a process but well worth it.)


(Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photos by: Shannon Sullivan

   Photo of Texas Ebony Tree courtesy of:

   Adventures provided by:  S.D.F.D.C. – Sonoran Desert fAerie Dust Clan

    Thanks to:  Our Readers! …)


4 Responses to “Nature’s Remedy”

  1. Agatha82 Says:

    That’s a beautiful seed pod! I love seeds and collect them, they’re on my mantelpiece at home. The pod looks even more beautiful with the faerie dust. A beautiful object 🙂

  2. Thank you. The faeries thought we would all love the seed pod too!

  3. nrhatch Says:

    That seed pod makes an awesome holder for potpourri, eh? 🙂

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    You know it! Faerie Dust in a seed pod .. what could be more perfect

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