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Meet my new client, Shelly October 4, 2010

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“Meet My New Client, Shelly” 

  Five weeks ago I began working again with one of my massage clients who I had seen regularly up until a year ago.  My client,Gladys, had faced some health challenges and was unable to receive treatments for quite some time.  When she was back at home in the assisted living facility of La Joya on the La Posada campus in Green Valley, she called me up and asked if I could begin working with her again.  I responded that I thought that would be wonderful for both of us.  She asked if I could do home visits with her and I replied, “Yes.”  The day of her appointment, I hopped into my car and zoomed (within the posted speed limit of course) over to the La Posada campus.

Meet Shelly

          I headed to Gladys’ apartment with my backpack full of lots of massage tools and knocked on the door.  Gladys welcomed me into her home, and we caught up on all the latest gossip.  She showed me the book that she recently had published about her life, and we enjoyed the photos together.  After the massage session, Gladys mentioned to me that a new resident had joined the La Joya living quarters.  She explained that the new resident was a tortoise by the name of Shelly.  Reading the article in the “Resort Report”, I discovered Shelly was approximately 20 years of age (and looking fabulous) and was adopted from the Arizona Desert Museum program.

I'm awful cute!

   My ears perked up with this tidbit of information.  I love tortoises and grew up with three of them in my childhood.  As I left Gladys’ apartment, I ventured to where Shelly calls her new home.  She was out and about inspecting the grass and meeting and greeting the resident ants, beetles, lizards and birds.  We sat together for a bit, just enough for us to become acquainted, allowing her to become comfortable with me.

   Upon my second visit with Gladys, I had decided to bring my camera to take Shelly’s photograph; however, she was nowhere to be found, and I concluded she must be shy.  I thought to myself, “Maybe next visit.”  Well, indeed, on the third visit, Shelly heard me come out and call to her, and she paraded over to me.  I kindly asked if I could take some photographs, and she obliged me.  After a couple of photos, she became quite a natural in front of the camera.  I sat on the ground with her and decided, “Well, if people, cats and dogs love massage, then I bet tortoises do too.”  Sure enough I was right.  Shelly allowed me to massage her front and hind legs and the pads of her feet.  I then worked slowly upon her shell using a craniosacral energy technique to create relaxation.  At that point, Shelly rested her head on my thigh, and I worked the top of her head.  As she became more comfortable with my touch, she allowed me to work on her throat as well.

Have a good day

   When Shelly had had enough (animals are very good as saying when they are done … they just walk away), she got up and walked around me in a couple of circles and headed for the grass.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, but now Shelly asks me to book her for a regular appointment whenever I am over to visit with Gladys.  I said, “Of course.”  How could I resist such a cute and wrinkly neck like that?  Upon our latest visit with one another, we were visited by nine raven who came by to say hello.  Well, I think they may have been jealous of Shelly’s good fortune to receive such loving touch.  After we waved hello to the ravens, I looked back down and a white ladybug was sitting upon Shelly’s back.  I took that as a good sign that Shelly and I planned on being good friends for quite a long time.  It is nice to know that Shelly receives as much love from all of the residents at La Posada as she herself gives to everyone in return.  I am grateful for her friendship.


(Written story by :  Shannon Sullivan

  Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

   Adventures by:  S.D.F.D.C. – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan

   Thank you to our readers!


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