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Barrel Cactus Bill! September 29, 2010

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My First Visit with Barrel Cactus Bill  

Barrel Cactus Bill

Today I was introduced to a resident of Green Valley that I had never met before.  One of my friends, Barabara, suggested that I and the S.D.F.D.C. – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan – go meet and greet this long-time resident.  As we drove up, we saw the resident standing out front waving a friendly hello.

  His name is Barrel Cactus Bill, “Just call me Bill for short, darlin’ ,”  he said after I introduced myself and the Faerie Dust Clan.  He told us he had been expecting our visit.  “So Bill tell me a bit about yourself,”  I said kindly and the Faeries Dust Clan gathered around Bill in a circle listening intently.

    “Well, ya see, I came a wanderin’ out this here way when I was just a thorn in my Ma’s side.  Great woman she was.  Best Ma I ever had.”  Barrel Cactus Bill explained that he grew up in Texas and tumbled out this way to Arizona with the color of Gold in his folks eyes. Headin’ to California, they were.  “When my Ma tumbled up over those mountains on the way to California, that was it, she knew this was home.  I have been here ever since.  Most likely grow old here too.”  The faeries were all smiles climbing upon Bill’s crowned head dancing with the blooms he had produced for the Summer. 

    “Thank you for your time and story Bill,”  I said.  “I would give you a hug, but well, I am human and bound to get stuck here with you.”  Just like an ‘ole timer, Bill said, “That would be such a bad thing pretty little lady.”  I giggled and the faeries jumped down and piled back into the car.  “See you soon!”

    Thank you to Barabara for introducing me to Bill so I could introduce him to our readers.  We never know what treasures Mother Nature has in store for us just by listening to the world around us.


(Written words by: Shannon Sullivan

   Photo by:  Shannon Sullivan

   Greetings by:  Barabara

   Adventures by:  S.D.F.D.C. – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan)


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