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Meet the Butlers September 22, 2010

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Butler Family Fun

   The fantastically fabulously fun family of Butler’s hosted our Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan for a few days of frolicking.  I spoke with my long-time friend, Jennifer, and she said that she and her family would love to host the faeries for a trip to Washington.  After getting all of the travel information from Jennifer ( ), I jumped up and down on the bed and all of the faerie folk came running, skipping, jumping and hopping around me, “What is it?” they cried out happily.

  I told them of their next travel destination assignment … Washington State and specifically the trails around Bridal Veil Falls, a beautiful and enchanting location emmersed in the lore

Bridal Veil Falls in Washington State

of faerie folk who are surely the cousins of our own Sonoran Family Clan.  All of the faeries ran to gather their belongings (I told them it might be more chilly there than it was here being much farther North than Tucson).  Bubbly Betsy Faerie, who is the family clan seamstress, had already hand made knitted hats, scarves, booties, wing coverlets and leggings for all of the family.  All of the materials were gathered and spun from contributing spiders and their webs, dried leaves turned into yarn and hair from the Grumpy Graffling Gaffaws who look a lot like human horses but their hair is more fine like that of silken spiderwebs.

   I bundled everyone up into one pretty package and had the postal service fly them over to Washington where they were delivered directly to the Butler Family door! (one, it was much less expensive shipping 50 flying faeries and their belongings and the faerie dust then flying them United.  two, you may ask, “why do they have to be flown when they have wings?”  well … the migration from here to Washington is a long one with a lot of weather changes and could damage the faeries’ wings.  Now, the truth be told, our magical faeries don’t even have to fly or be shipped .. if they wanted they could disappear themselves and reappear themselves at the door of whomever they are going to visit HOWEVER they wouldn’t be able to disappear the flower faerie dust which is a non-disappearing element once it is turned into faerie dust … sooooooooooooooo … they would rather fly with their faerie dust in a package to their destination.  NOW .. once the faerie dust is in a specific location already (ie. Montana, New Mexico, Mexico, Ireland, Colorado and all the other destinations our faeries have already been to) then the faeries can come and go freely to visit these areas.  I know, I know … its complicated (not really).

The Butler Boys

  The postal delivery person promptly rang the Butler Family doorbell (ding dong, ding dong) and Chad (the youngest of the Butler’s … with the permission of his mom, of course) opened the door and with clapping of hands scooped up the special package and ran to his mom declaring the arrival of the sooper dooper dust gang.  Chad shouted out, “Family! they’re here!”  Placing the package gently on the kitchen counter (the faeries favorite place inside a house … that is where things always smell so yummy), Chad  opened the box and imagine the delight the S.D.F.D.C. had when they beheld the face of Chad.  Belle exclaimed delightedly, “He’s a Boy Sprite! Look!”  All the faeries gathered around Chad inspecting his ears and eyes and eyelashes and nose.  Button, Scout, Belle, Doris, Gabby and the Gang all agreed, “Yep”. 

  It was already evening and the Faerie gang was tired and cramped from the trip so Chad, Charles, Charles, Chris and Jennifer let the faeries out into the yard to feast on the flowers and the drops of dew around the grass and leaves.  That night before bed (because the Butler Boys ALWAYS go to bed on time) Chad relayed a story to the Faerie Dust Clan about the year before at Christmas time he had been given the auspicious opportunity of getting to make Reindeer food and the night he did, he was awakened from sleep at 2:00 a.m. to the sound of Reindeer hooves prancing on his roof!  Button who was sitting on Chad’s shoulder giggled and looked over at Scout and Belle.  “Should I tell Chad about our faerie flub at the North Pole?”  Chad’s ear perked up, “What tell me?”

   Belle started to describe what happened.  The whole SDFDC had received an invitation to the North Pole from Santa Claus.  He wanted to have the magical faerie fun to blend with the elves and reindeer.  The faeries had arrived all excited and helped wrapping

Santa and Rudolph

the packages.  Christmas Eve of 2009 the packages were being separated by Continent and Country into separate bags to be taken and dropped off by Santa.  Welllllllllll …. somehow the faeries all misunderstood which sacks were going where and all of the bags were mislabeled.  By the time Santa figured it out it was almost too late!  However, Santa remained cool-headed and was able to use his magical snow powers to relabel all of the bags correctly with the flick of his wrist.  The faeries were all profusely apologetic and Santa chuckled letting them know disaster had been averted!  Chad said, “Wow! so you have met all the reindeer of the North Pole?”  Belle said, “Yep .. Scout even got a to ride on Rudolph’s back from workshop to workshop checking on all the elves.”    That night Chad and the faeries snuggled up to bed to get some rest before their hike the next day and at 2:00 a.m. all were awoken by the sound of reindeer hooves prancing on the roof wishing Chad and the faeries a warm hello!  By the time everyone took the sleep from their eyes and peaked out the window all that could be seen was a shooting star in the sky.

   Morning came early but the faeries and Chad were the first ones up and running through the house excitedly telling Mom and Dad Butler and his two brothers, Charles and Chris, “Wake up! Wake up!  time to take a hike.”  Jennifer shook her head and grinned and said, “Slow down little man.”   Chad and the Faerie Dust Clan gobbled up their food and waited with ants their pants (which in fact Gabby Faerie had accidentally packed one with her, an ant that is, and had to let it go).  The crew was up and ready within a couple of hours which if you asked Button it seemed like a gazillion hours of waiting in Faerie time (which is more like two minutes … which is still a long time).  Jennifer Mom checked with Chad, “Got the Faerie Dust pouch?”  Chad checked his pocket, “Yep! Check.  Ready to go.”  The whole Butler gang and Faerie Clan plopped, plodded, pranced and paraded into the car and headed to Bridal Veil Falls.

Young Chadwick of Cheer

   Scout explained to Chad that the faerie dust needed a good home and gave Chad the most important mission of locating a spot on their hike that would protect the faerie dust and allow the faeries to return there in the future.  Scout also let the family know, “First we have to ask the Piny Forest Cousins of Faerie if it would be okay.  We must always ask politely first and not assume that just because we are of the same family that we can just plop down whereever we feel like it.  Distant family members sometimes have different rules than we do.”  The Butler Family nodded their heads in agreement.  Chad’s tummy quivered like beetle bugs floating in cereal he was so nervous about being able to find a good home for the faerie dust.  Button saw how nervous Chad was and said, “We’ll help you!” and then started bouncing up and down on the tip of Chad’s nose to make him giggle.

   Upon arriving at the trailhead, all of the family and faeries tumbled out of the car anxious to start the search for the home for the faerie dust.  Bubbling, Bright Belle whispered to Jen Mom, “Can we dub Mr.

A Lad on a Mission

Chad Butler an honorary faerie name?”  Jen Mom smiled and said yes.  Belle shook her head yes to the rest of the faeries and Scout cleared his throat … ehm, ehm, ehm … “Chad, we would love to offer you an honorary faerie name.  This will help in your pursuit of finding our faerie dust a home here.”  Elated, Chad clapped his hands.  Chris and Charles, the older brothers of Chad, smiled that Chad had made good friends with the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan.  They had other pursuits with which to be concerned and ran up ahead on the trail with Charles Dad.  “From this day forward, in the Kingdom of Faerie, you, Chad, shall be known as ‘Young Chadwick of Cheer’ because of your bright smile.” Scout bestowed upon Chad.   “Now, Young Chadwick of Cheer, lead the way!”  Young Chadwick, Scout and the other faeries set out for the wonderful climb to find a protector for the precious faerie dust.  Jen Mom stayed in the back of the pack to make sure no one got lost.  Young Chadwick of Cheer bounded down the slopes of the Bridal Veil Falls trail surrounded by beautiful vegetation.


   Chadwick came to a halt, suddenly realizing with the help of the faeries how he would discover the “just right spot” for the faerie dust.  “Scout, I need to camoflauge myself, and become like a faerie, part of the forest and then the trees will trust me.”  Scout was quite proud of Young Chadwick of Cheer realizing, even though young, he was quite wise and at one with the nature around him.  “Yes, Young Chadwick, this is true.”  Chadwick began to blend with the trees and vegetation around him walking, stepping, humming while the faeries rode in his pockets and shoulders and head.  “There!” Chadwick exclaimed.  This loud sound made all the faeries tumble onto the ground around Chadwick’s feet and Mom Jen, Charles Dad, Chris and Charles came running over.  “What is it?”  they breathed heavily.  “THE Tree!”  Young Chadwick of Cheer had located the sacred home for the faerie dust.   Everyone looked to where Chadwick pointed and all breathed a heavy sigh of relief.  “Ahhhhh… yes.”  Everyone stepped, flew, tripped, tapped their way over to the tree. 

    “What do we do now Scout?” Young Chadwick whispered.  Button giggled.  “Just introduce yourself, your mission, the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan and your family. 

Goliath of Green Good

Then ask him his name.”  Chadwick said, “does he speak English?”  Now, at first the faeries thought this could be a silly question, but on second hand they realized if you aren’t used to speaking to trees, you might not know the answer to the question.  So Belle, who is the diplomat of the Clan, explained to Chadwick and the Butler Family, “Trees, Stones, Plants, Animals …. they speak all languages.  When you ask a question, they aren’t actually hearing the language, they are reading the energy of your question resonating from your heart.  This way it seems like they ‘understand’ English or Spanish or French or Russian but really they are listening to your body language.”  Young Chadwick nodded his head.  He then introduced himself and the whole family to this most important tree. 

   “Hello friends and family and cousins of the Kingdom of Faerie, my name is Goliath of Green Good.

The Guardian

  What can I help you with Young Chadwick of Cheer.”  Chadwick relayed his story and that of the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan to Goliath.  “Would it be possible for you to be the caretaker of the magical faerie dust, Mr. Goliath?”  Goliath was silent for such a long spell that Young Chadwick and the Faerie Clan almost thought he might decline this duty and they would have to begin their search anew.  “In this forest of green delight, among the sun and shine and sunny sprites, my roots hold dear this precious place and allow my branches to bend with grace.  Inside me be a home for the faerie dust free from harm and inside held with caring arms.”  Everyone turned their heads and stared at one another.  “I’m sorry, Sir, does that mean yes or no?”  Young Chadwick of Cheer asked.  “Yes” Goliath responded.  “I love to rhyme and sing and hum a tune, and it isn’t often I get a chance to share it with people who will listen.”  At that the Butler Family and Faerie Clan burst into cheers and clapping.  The home had been found!

    With this Young Chadwick of Cheer took the magical, sparkling faerie dust from his pocket, and he

Young Chadwick of Cheer Recites Magical Words

and the faeries sprinkled the faerie dust into the opening at the base of Goliath of Green Good and recited the rhyme found with the faerie dust, “Faeries, Faeries of the light, Bring your magic True & Bright.” Jen Mom asked Goliath if she could take his photograph to send to the keeper of the faerie dust stories, Shannon.  He blushed and grinned and said, “Why yes, Jen Mom, that would be wonderful.  We trees love to share our stories with those who take care of us.”  Goliath of Green Good struck a pose and took quite a handsome picture (if I have ever seen one).  The Butler Family and Faerie Clan thanked Goliath for his kindness.

The Glory of Goliath

   Now, at this point, everyone believed that the story had ended and that the mission had been completed.  What no one expected, except the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan, was to meet a special guest.  Faeries who are not used to so much travel or worldly pomp, tend to hide out unless they fully trust who is around them. Young Chadwick of Cheer and the Butler Family had shown such good care of the land and respect that on the way back to the beginning of the trail, a special faerie of Bridal Veil Falls came forward to greet the whole family and speak with the cousins of Tucson.  “My name is Lillith Yellow-fare.  It is the pleasure of mine to meet you all.  Thank you for your visit.”  Everyone was so excited and pleased to meet her, they almost forgot to get her photograph.  Lillith, however, was a bit shy and only a glimpse of her was caught in the photograph taken by Jen Mom.

Lillith Yellow-fare

    Back at home everyone spoke about the success of the hike and the magic of the adventure.  The Butler Family asked the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan to return any time for a visit.  I would like to extend a very special thank you for the Butlers for hosting our guests at their home and the faeries are quite happy at having another honorary member of their clan.


Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

Photographs by:  Jennifer Butler  (except for the Santa pic)

Adventures by:  S.D.F.D.C. – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan & the Butler Family

Special thanks to:  Butler Family, Young Chadwick of Cheer, Goliath of Green Good and Lillith Yellow-fare

Thank you to all of our readers who enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them.


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