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“Muppets Take Montana” September 15, 2010

    Hi fellow friends, family and travellers of story and delight … I am safely returned from my awesome trip to Montana where the muppets had a grand time and the faeries showed me around since they had been there previously.


Faerie Log 1:    9 September 2010, Thursday –   “Flight Time”

Brown Rice Cakes Anyone?

    The muppets, faeries and myself all hopped aboard our first leg of the flight to Montana by heading out of the lovely Tucson International Airport.  Our first destination was Salt Lake City.  During the flight, the wonderful attendant offered us a snack of either peanuts, pretzels or cookies … I told the muppets we had our own snack food and pulled out a healthy sack of brown rice cakes …. uhhhmmm that didn’t go over too well with Animal … he nearly attacked our next seat neighbor’s burrito that she had brought with her.  I apologized profusely for Animal’s behavior and put him back in the bag.

Animal Attacks Breakfast Burrito

   We quickly took some photos by the window of the plane looking out since this was the muppets first flight … the faeries were bored and slept the entire flight to Montana saying they had done it many times and enjoyed getting rest until we arrived.  As the flight attendant came to pick up trash, I hurriedly put the stow aways back in the bag so we wouldn’t get “busted” for too many extra passengers on the plane.

Muppets Run Amuck Aboard Flight 4639

   Once we landed, put on our jackets….. it was … brrrrr … chilly … we went into the airport to await our connecting flight to Missoula.  The muppets wanted to log their travel and we took another photo as seen here 😉

Salt Lake City - Muppets in the House!

As I took the photo of the Muppet Crew at the Salt Lake City airport layover, people politely stopped to make sure I was able to get the best picture possible.  Kermie, who is a very diplomatic frog, thanked everyone for their help.


Faerie Log 2:   9 September 2010, Thursday –    “The Eagle has landed”

Charlie "the Cookies" Pearl

    Awaiting our arrival was the awesome Brooklyn Caretaker of EWAM’s Garden of 1000 Buddhas, Mr. Charlie Pearl.  He took kindly to myself and the muppets and gathered our belongings as we headed into town to run errands before going out to the garden in Arlee.  On our way out of the airport, I was treated to the sight of my first Bald Eagle!  Most auspicious (atleast that is how one person might have put it).  Unfortunately, the eagle flew off before I could photograph him.

Kermit Arrives!

    Charlie obliginly agreed to allow Kermit to take  a photograph in the van just to show everyone he actually arrived in Missoula.  Being a frog of much travel especially smoozing with many Hollywood types, this was his first trip to Montana as well … being a swamp frog he is more accustomed to tropical environments.


Faerie Log 3:    9 September 2010, Thursday –  ” Muppets in the Faerie Buddha Garden at EWAM”

Buddha's Buddies

    Here you see

   Miss Piggy and

   the Cute Mr. Kermie

   sitting and cuddling

   underneath of the

   trees and flowers

    growing in the

    garden so green

    under Buddha’s watchful

    eyes, so keen.


Journal Entry 4:    10 September 2010, Friday –   “Qwan Yin and the Lavendar Garden of Light”

Qwan Yin Blessed by Faerie Dust

  Amongst her flowers

   of purple, amethyst

   delight, grows this

   beautiful lavendar

   watched over each day

   and all night by the

   gaze of the eyes of the

  loving Qwan Yin.

  The faeries all watch her

   and delight in her too

    and help her grow

    wonderful flowers

    for the awesome EWAM



Faerie Log 5:    10 September 2010, Friday:   “Yum Chenmo – The Great Mother”

   The faeries and wonderful people of EWAM introduced me to the center stage – Yum Chenmo who holds the spot in the middle of the Dharma Wheel at the Buddhist site of honor.  She is here to teach wisdom and compassion and it was my great honor to meet her.  No other words will do justice and so I will share a photo of her for you.

Yum Chenmo - Great Mother


Faerie Log 6:  10 September 2010, Friday  –    “Raising the Prayer Flags”

Charlie, Shannon & Jacob Raise the Prayer Flags (Photo by Konchog Norbu)

   As the Sun did shine,

  upon our shoulders,

  we sweat and perspired

   to benefit Love’s labor

   an honor bestowed

   upon us now

   to help raise these

   prayer flags

   that circle the

   Great Mother’s land.


Faerie Log 7:   11 September 2010, Friday  –   “The Parking Crew Detail”

Our job here is done!

     I was placed on volunteer duty with the parking crew … it was our important mission to make sure that the throngs of people around Missoula and Arlee could find the Garden of 1000 Buddhas and the Peace Festival. I tell you that I at first told Luke that I wanted no such responsibility because I knew being a new person on site I would be the first one blamed if I failed at my mission.  He assured me it would be fine.  We set out to set up the signs from Arlee back to the Garden.  We must have successfully completed our mission because I was informed today that over 1000 people attended the festival and that we raised over $10,000 to continue building the Garden.  Yay!


The Kids

Faerie Log 8:  11 September 2010, Friday –   “The Buddha Kids”

   As part of the Garden being built, there are 1000 individual Buddha statues hand-crafted that will be part of the Wheel of Dharma.  So far, approximately 600 have been completed.  They are lovingly housed in the “Buddha Barn”.  As part of the festival we placed 16 of the statues by the entrance.  We had to be extra gentle transporting them and I made David, the driver of craziness, go very slowly in the old Ford pick-up as we moved the statues from the barn to the entrance.  Before we moved them, I asked the faeries to do a blessing so that none of the “Buddha Kids” would be injured in the transport.

The Buddha Angel


Faerie Log 9:  11 Septmeber 2010, Friday  –   “The Festival’s Procession”

   Namchak Khenpo, the teacher currently at the Buddhist temple, at the Montana site led the opening ceremony for the Peace Festival.  As you can see, he is a wonderful spirit and has much kindness in his heart.  He offered great words of kindness to all who attended and was also pleased to be in the company of Steven SmallSalmon of the Nk’wusm Nation.  Both have a light-hearted sense of humor while maintaining integrity about the importance of caring for the land around us.

Numchak Khenpo and Steven SmallSalmon


Peaceful People Prancing and Dancing (Photo by Konchog Norbu)

 Faerie Log 10:  11 September 2010,Friday  –  “Generosity Abound”

    At the day’s end,

   when the light began

    to bend –

    the clouds surrounding

    us formed a Lotus

    Flower blend

    and everyone mixed

    and mingled with

Kids Kites and Alfalfa Sprites! (Photo by Konchog Norbu)

    joyful, laughing

   glee and raised lots

   of awesome funding

    from people’s deep


   Thank you!


Faerie Log 11:  12 September 2010, Sunday –  “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow”  as Shakespeare once said

The Road Home

     The Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan did a fabulous job of creating a path that allowed myself and the muppets the possibility to go and visit EWAM, Divine Mother and all the awesomeness of Montana (although I was told that I was not allowed to talk about how GREAT Montana is because they don’t tons of outsiders mobbing the area ) … so instead I will say … Ick … I don’t know why anyone would EVER go to Montana (not really) and people should be leaving by the throngs (not really).  There!  I kept my word (sort of).   HOWEVER, it looks like I will need to make another adventure back to the Sangha house because there is one resident I didn’t get to meet.  Mr. Fox lives on the hill adjacent the house and I didn’t get to seem him not once (poop) … so maybe next visit I will.


Hi Mom!

(Written Words by: Shannon Sullivan

  Photos (unless otherwise indicated) by: Shannon Sullivan

   Adventures by S.D.F.D.C. – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan with special guest appearance by Kermie, Miss Piggy and Animal

   Thank you to our Readers!

    A special thanks to the EWAM gang for putting up with all of our snorting and shannaigans!)

For more information on how you can help donate to this Buddhist Site “The Garden of 1000 Buddhas” please follow the link :      and



4 Responses to ““Muppets Take Montana””

  1. mothernature Says:

    You were certainly blessed to be able to visit Montana and I won’t tell everyone what a marvelous place the Big Sky Country is, because some of the population don’t want people to stay, but I believe where is room for more. Anyway, take the Muppets home.

  2. Yep … the muppets definitely made the return trip home with me .. entacted and in one piece … they had lots of fun too

  3. nrhatch Says:

    Wow! Some post. I’m guessing this was just before I found your blog.

    Thanks, Shannon

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    Yes maybe a month or so … and for life of me now I can’t remember how I found your blog … but glad I did. 🙂 Thank you!

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