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Flights of Fancy for Shannon & the S.D.F.D.C. September 2, 2010

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   Hello fellow Faerie Friends of the Sonoran Faerie Dust Clan!   The faeries and (our friend coyote) have had great discussions

Faeries like to swing from trees too!

 amongst themselves and decided that with all of our long distance participation in the donations towards the Garden of 1000 Buddhas in Arlee, Montana, they wanted all of us (me included) to go for an up-close and personal visit!  The faeries love to travel as you well know from all of their Summer Adventures with my family and friends.  However, I, myself, am a bit reticent about travelling especially on my own.  However, Spirit, decided to light a proverbial fire under my butt along with sending coyote messenger to deliver the personal message last week that I should attend the meditation and Peace Festival in Montana at the end of next week.  The celebration will be about the blessings of Mother Earth and what she provides for each of us daily along with a celebration of the progress the Buddhist Center has made in their construction efforts.  Two local indigenous tribes will be holding ceremonial celebrations as well at the Peace Festival.  Wish me safe travels while I am with the Faerie Dust Clan… tell coyote he is to act as a gentleman on this trip (none of his normal pranks … 😉 ).

Laughing Coyote!

   I will look forward to updating all of my readers on the adventure when I return!

   Link to the Garden of 1000 Buddhas:

    Link to the Peace Festival on location:

Garden of 1000 Buddhas


(Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photo of Shannon by:  Elisabeth Black

   Photo of Buddha Garden from EWAM site:

   Adventorous spirit courtesy of :  S.D.F.D.C. – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan)


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