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The Hawk & His Tree August 30, 2010

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“The Hawk &  His Tree”

Adam, the Hawk's Tree

High atop this lovely tree

sits this hawk

all majesty;

imbued in shining

Summer’s light,

shining off his

feathers bright.

In the air

he feels the breeze

of Wind beneath

his powerful wings.

He floats and turns

to – and – fro

gazing with eyes

Facing the Hawk

for a tasty

morsel to grab


He lands upon

a tree branch

near and looks

and searches

for his dinner

to appear.

This tree, Adam,

stands in this

place holding

the hawk’s

slight weight

with easeful grace.

No dinner here,

No dinner tonight;

Maybe tomorrow

another day’s trial.

Hawk again

takes to flight

as the day slowly

drifts into night.


(Poem by:  Shannon Sullivan

 Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Inspiration by:  S.D.F.D.C.  –

      The Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan

  Thank you to:  Our Readers 😉 … )


2 Responses to “The Hawk & His Tree”

  1. Marilyn Keefer Says:

    Beautiful! I, too, love hawk’s, falcons, and eagles. I’m always looking for them as I go about my day.

  2. Thank you Marilyn 😉 I love these beautiful winged wonders as well. Have a great day.

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