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Part Two: Were the Faeries of the Sonoran Desert Framed? August 22, 2010

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Great Gabe of Gavaldonia

This is Part Two of the Story Post called:  “Were the Faeries Framed?”

 If you have not read the first post, please feel free to catch up with us.  Part Two of the story will make much more sense if you do ;):

Part One:



  “Who could have done this prank?”  Gabe worried aloud, a frown forming on his brow.

    Immediately, the Faeries, Gabe of Gavaldonia, Tamara, even Grandma Milo, who was on the phone with Tamara, all began speculating at once ..  all of the voices blending together into a unifying buzzing humming jumbling rumbling sound of indiscernable noise.  “This is getting us nowhere,”  Belle of the Faeries silently said.  “I shall connect Shannon on the computer.”  Some of the Faeries of the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan are very technologically savie and used Cousin Tamara’s computer to connect to me through Skype. 

Cousin Shannon & Her Very Faerie Face

  “Hello there family!”  I said coming up on the screen.  All of the humming and buzzing of the meeting halted.  “Oh .. hi Cousin Shannon,”  Tamara said surprised to see me in the room.  “Belle called me up to help conduct the investigation of this unfortunate prank.”  I said.

   What would a private investigator do?  Hmmmm…. Gabe of Gavaldonia ran to his room and grabbed a large piece of drawing paper and some crayons and colored markers, scissors and glue. Oh yeah and tape, too! (Kids! Whatever you do, DON’T write your sentences this way in school or you will get into trouble … it is called “run-on sentences” … what are they “running on?” I always wondered … if you don’t know the grammatical rule of “Run-On Sentences”  Google it ;P )  Running back into the living room, Gabe said loudly, “We will use this paper to come up with possible suspects who are looking to dirty the names of the faeries.”  Clapping from the Faeries surrounded the room and sounded like locusts in the forest when all the little hands and wings got to moving quickly together.  “Great thinking Cousin Gabe!” Puck the Faerie exclaimed.  “Thank you,” Gabe replied using very polite manners his mom had taught him.  Tamara felt very fortunate to have such a sweet and intelligent son.

  “Shall we begin?”  I asked all the people in the room.   Cousin Tamara put Grandma Milo on speaker phone so she could participate in the discussion as well.

Suspect #1: The Marauding Band of Raccoons (Photo by Kvdl Devin Van Der Leek)

  “I know, I know” Grandma Milo said.  Everyone’s ears perked up waiting … the faeries ear tips turning red in anticipation of forthcoming information.  “What? What?” Everyone babbled aloud at once.  “Does everyone remember the marauding band of raccoons that traveresed through your neighborhood last week?  Maybe it was them.  You know they don’t particularly care for Miss Kelsie Kitty, and raccoons are known to be the ‘thieves’ of the animal world.  Maybe they saw the bright and shiny sparkling faerie dust and followed it into the house, and Miss Kelsie Kitty just happened to get between them and the sparklie faerie dust?”  Hmmmmm….. this did seem a quite plausible and realistic argument, and indeed, Great Gabe of Gavaldonia and Mom Tamara had seen the raccoon family tromping around the green grounds of the forest-like front yard of their house earlier in the week.  “Well, my relative family of Sonoran Desert Faeries, what do you think?” Grandma Milo inquired.

    Scout, the great S.D.F.D.C. tracker and outdoorsman-faerie-flyer-of-Tucson, said, “Racoons are indeed very curious critters who love shiny sparklie type gifts, this is true.  And, raccoons and kitties do not usually connect in a socially friendly manner. And, Miss Kelsie Kitty and the raccoon family of Olympia are not on speaking terms.  I cannot say for sure, however, that they are truely the maruaders who tied up poor kitty.  Raccoons, in fact, are usually on good terms with the faerie kingdom regardless of our differing territorial regions.”  I shook my head in agreement, which no one seemed to notice, since I was still in fact not actually seated in the room but was merely a bodiless face floating on the webcam.  Remembering this I turned my head nod into an actual verbal statement of affirmation, “Yes, all of these things are in fact true Scout.  We cannot say for sure if they are indeed the culprits of this most serious prank.”  Everyone sighed now trying to come up with other possiblities of this suspicious event.  Great Gabe was being quite organized, however, and took this opportunity of silence to cut a photograph of a raccoon out from one of his Ranger Rick magazines and placed it on the left side of the drawing paper.  Gabe also demonstrated his awesome spelling abilities by writing underneath the picture the caption, “Suspect One:  Raccoon Family of Olympia”.  I commended Gabe on a job well done.

Suspect #2: The Smurfs! (Photo by John 3000)

   “Okay, Okay … I’ve got a possible suspect,”  Puck shouted out.  “EEEEwhhhhh, who?”  we all waited in anticipation to see who he might come up with in order to clear the names of the Faerie Clan of Tucson.  “The Smurfs!” Silence filled the air.  Everyone looked to eachother, heads turning and twisting.  A slight buzzing began to fill the room and then an explosion of conversation.  “O.M.G.! Puck.  I think you are on to something,” the other faeries said all abuzz.  Tamara’s eyes popped, “The Smurfs?  Really?  Do you guys know them?  Do they have a grudge against you?”  Great Gabe of Gavaldonia questioned, “Uh, mom, I hate to sound unknowledgeable, but who are the smurfs?”  …..  Now let me tell you this!  That comment made me feel sooooooo old.  “Gabe, they were a group of small, blue faerie-ish type persons who were shown in cartoons when Cousin Shannon and I were growing up.” Mom Tamara clarified for Gabe.  I added, “Hey, Gabe, go ‘google’ smurfs, and you will know who we are talking about.”   Puck followed up with the allegation … “Listen, we met them when we were doing one of our productions of ‘Titanic’ in Oregon for the faerie folk there.  The smurfs had been invited to the show, but many of them were disappointed to not be in the production.”  Belle didn’t want to believe it … hmmmm … could it really be she thought.  “We don’t even know if they are in town Puck.”  Great Gabe ran back into the room.  He had been in the computer room checking out these smurf-persons for himself.  “Well,” Gabe said,” should I put them up on the posterboard as possible suspects?”  Tamara nodded yes.  At this point there was not enough information for or against.  Gabe had printed up a picture to post on the board.  Suspect #2: The Smurfs!

Suspect #3: The Victim Herself, Miss Kelsie Kitty of Klawtonestonia

    Great Gabe of Gavaldonia suddenly grew queasy in his tummy.  A sinking feeling rose up that he couldn’t understand.  “Mom?” Tamara looked and the normally cute brown little boy of hers was as pale as his Cousin Shannon, which is quite pale indeed!  “Gabe! What is it?”  The faeries grew quiet, normally babbling with mirth and endless information, they knew to quiet down.  “Mom.  What if I know who might have done it?”  Tamara looked at him concerned one of her eyebrows raising high above the other, even I, Cousin Shannon, on the skype webcam could see it from where I was sitting 800 miles away (now that’s a dramatic eyebrow).  “Who do you suspect for this incident Gabe?”  “Well, Mom, I don’t want to say it out loud because it might upset you, and I don’t want to do that.”  Great Gabe was quite concerned for his mom’s feelings.  “Just tell me Gabe. You know we discussed that earlier that it is better to share information that is important and appropriate than to hide it.”  Gabe swallowed the saliva that had accumulated in his mouthfrom his queasy tummy.  Grandma Milo who was still attentively listening on the speaker phone added, “Gabe, we will listen, maybe it isn’t what you think.”  Gabe said, “Mom, I think Miss Kelsie Kitty of Klawtonestoria tied herself up?  What if she set-up the faeries to make them look bad.”  You should have seen the initial look that lit across Tamara’s face … as I watched, I saw her face take on a shape that

Pop Rocks! (Photo from

 I can only describe as if someone had emptied an entire packet of pop-rocks candy into her mouth and took a bite of a pickle at the very same time … a sudden uncomfortable sour explosion making your eyes water and tastebuds pucker.  This was the very look Mom Tamara had on her face at this very moment! (Warning:  Now kids … please, please, please … Do NOT try this combination at home! … not fatal but definitely can make one sick to the stomach) Then as quickly as the expression came, it passed.  Mom Tamara knew that, yes, in fact, Kelsie Kitty could very well have done this.  She displayed such annoyance at the visit by the faeries.  “Well, Cousin Tamara of Cousin Shannon,” said Belle, “what do you think?”  Tamara had a heavy sigh and looked over to where Kelsie SHOULD be sitting but no longer was.  “Yes, ’tis true, Miss Kelsie is not particularly fond of the faeries, there is probable cause to associate her with this prank.”  Gabe sighed both with relief (that his mom wasn’t mad and sadness that Kelsie might be the culprit.)  Suspect #3:  Miss Kelsie Kitty of Klawtonestoria.  He placed her picture up on the board with the other two suspects, The Raccoons and The Smurfs.

Suspect #1

Who did it? 

Will we ever find out? 

 How will the story unfold from here? …. Will we ever know? 

 Readers will know the truth as it is revealed to me. 

I hope you look forward to finding out who was trying to frame our Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan.

Suspect #2

How will the story unfold from here?

Suspect #3

Will we ever know who framed the faeries?

I hope you look forward to finding out who is behind this prank.  I will keep you posted as the details are revealed to me.  Stay tuned for more exciting adventures.

The Gift

(Written Story by:  Shannon Sullivan

Adventures by:  S.D.F.D.C.  –  Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan

Photo of Gabe & Miss Kelsie Kitty by:  Tamara Blyden

Photo of Raccoon by:  Kvdl Devin Van Der Leek

Photo of Smurfs by:  John 3000

Photo of  Pop Rocks from

Thank you to Our Readers!)


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