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Part One: Were the Faeries of the Sonoran Desert Framed? August 6, 2010

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     Of much gratitude and gratefulness we and the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan are.  We have wonderful family connections in the state of Washington.  My cousin lives there with her two awesome kids and loving husband.  I asked my cousin, Tamara, if I could mail her some of the faerie dust as gifts to herself and the kids.  “Yes, of course” she responded.  I immediately informed her that we would make sure not to include a pouch for her husband, who although kind and loving, considers himself of the “manly” family and thus does not like to be covered in flowers and sparkles (that’s okay … the faeries always find a way … don’t worry).

The Great Gabe of Gavaldonia

   Our wonderful little friend of faerie and human cousin, the Great Gabe of Gavaldonia, was at once pounced upon by the faeries when they opened the package I had mailed him.  They leapt about his arms and shoulders and head and tickled his ears.  In fact, they tickled him so much he went into a sneezing fit!  He got them settled down, and they then decided where to sprinkle the faerie dust.  He and the faeries decided that outdoors among the beautiful flowers would be best and most faerie – like.   Washington state for the most part has a much cooler climate, and Gabe of Gavaldonia, being a kind and generous host, had found little gauze shawls to wrap around the faeries shoulders before they went outside to bless the flowers so they wouldn’t be cold.

   As they stepped onto the porch, Gabe sat with the faeries in a circle and asked them what he should do with the faerie dust.  The S.D.F.D.C. said, “Gabe, take the note tied to the pouch that your cousin Shannon included with it and read those words.  Then sprinkle the magical faerie dust on top of the potted flowers.” 

   “Okay” Gabe responded bounding to his feet.  “But wait” he said.  “What about my sister, Sadie?”  Our faerie friends giggled … “What is so funny?” Gabe of Gavaldonia asked.   The faeries giggled again and that is when Sadie walked onto the porch.  Well, she was a sight, her hair was all a muss and fuss and looked like she had a serious case of “bed-head”.  Gabe laughed and asked the faeries, “did you guys do that?”  Again the faeries giggled.  Well, Sadie, being 16 and a young teen and a cool chik at that was not pleased.  As Tamara filmed Gabe with the video camera doing the faerie dust blessing, Sadie refused to be “seen looking like that”!   (hee hee … its okay Miss Sadie … don’t you know this is how faeries show their love for you while you sleep … Bed-Head!)  Following is the video that Cousin Tamara took while Gabe and the faeries performed the blessing (you will NOT be seeing his sister Sadie in this clip)!

   The words that the Great Gabe of Gavaldonia repeats are in the instructions found with the faerie dust:

Faerie Dust Magical Lyrics

“Faeries, Faeries of the Light; Bring your Magic, True & Bright!”



    As Gabe spoke these words, the faeries of the Sonoran Desert Clan clapped and applauded with such joy!  “Yippee!” they all resoundingly spoke at once so much so that it attracted some not such good attention unbeknowst to the faeries or to Gabe or to “bed-headed” Sadie standing behind the camera.

Miss Kelsie Kitty of Klawtonestonia

   Curiously enough, however, it did bring the attention of my cousin, Tamara’s, kitty who is wisely aged to 15 years and counting.  Miss Kelsie Kitty of Klawtonestoria is quite prim and disliked the noise greatly.  Clearing her kitty throat she mewed, “What on earth is happening out here?”  Cousin Tamara told Miss Kelsie, “Come look.  Our guests, the Sonoran Desert Faeries, have brought magical dust with which to bring joy to us.”  Miss Kelsie Kitty flicked and swished her tail with disapproval.  She sniffed at it, pawed it and inspected it.  “I see nothing ‘magical’ about this sack of flowers at all!”  and she turned her nose up and walked away going inside to catch a nap if the faeries decided NOT to make anymore such horrible racket.

"Meeewwww...what is this silly non-sensical strangeness?"

     Gabe, Sadie, Tamara and the Faerie Clan took Kelsie’s lead and decided to eat some dinner and head off to sleep.  Mom gave specific instructions to Gabe and the Faeries, “Not too late you guys!”  Everyone replied at the exact same time, “We won’t!”  …. Tamara had heard that before and expected nothing less than a room full of racket until all hours of the night … she was really okay with this being the faeries don’t get to visit that often.  Mom Tamara was not in the least prepared for what awaited her the next morning, however.

   Groggy-eyed and bed-headed Tamara walked into the living room and cried, “Oh my goodness!”  There lay poor Miss Kelsie Kitty on her side tied up from head to tail in red yarn with a red jingle bell tied to her tail, and as her irritated tail switched back-and-forth, Tamara saw a pouch of faerie dust tied to her tail.  “Well, don’t just stand there!” Kelsie grumbled. “Untie me for heaven’s sakes. I told you those faeries were B.A.D. news!”  Tamara hurriedly untied Kelsie who ran for the hills, and Tamara went to Gabe’s room in search of the culprits of this terrible prank.

Miss Kelsie recovering from traumatic ordeal

   All the faeries and Gabe were soundly sleeping when Tamara entered the room.  “Alright … sleep time is over.  Get up everyone.  We have very important matters to discuss.”  Tamara was firm but gentle knowing shouting gets everyone no where at all.  “Gabe .. .you and the faeries get cleaned and changed and get some breakfast, and I will meet everyone in the living room in one hour.”  Tamara left the room knowing she needed to make a phone call.  The faeries continued to sleep, but Gabe KNEW when Mom was serious she meant business.  “Hey there faerie friends, we need to get up.  Mom is serious, and we don’t want to push it”   One by one like flowers opening in the sunlight, the faeries pop, pop, popped up out of their slumber and began getting ready for the day.  Everyone whispered to one another, “I wonder what has happened?”

   In the meantime, Tamara called me on the phone … “Cousin, something strange and terrible has happened, and I don’t know if the faeries are to blame?”  I listened to Tamara’s story and gave her advice.  “Listen, cousin, the faeries of the light that I am friends with are sworn to not tell untruths.  If asked about this account, they will not be able to say they didn’t tie up Miss Kelsie Kitty if indeed they did.”  Tamara thanked me and said she would speak gently but truthfully with everyone. 

   With calm and without blame, Cousin Tamara called the faeries to a meeting.  Now the faeries being part of a clan know the appropriate behaviors to be displayed at meetings.  They knew not to clown around … there is a time to play and make jokes and leave humans with bed-head, and there are times to be more serious.  Gabe, with worried countenance, asked his mom if he could sit in on the meeting.  “Yes, Gabe of Gavaladonia, you may, as long as you are silent so that we may have a discussion.”  Gabe, mature in his young years, agreed.

   Belle asked Tamara, “Dear Cousin of Shannon and kind hostess of the Sonoran Desert Faerie Clan, what has happened?”  Tamara relayed her finding of Miss Kelsie and the yarn and red bell and the evidence of the faerie dust pouch tied to Miss Kelsie’s tail.  The first question Button asked Tamara was, “Was Miss Kelsie Kitty of Klawtonestoria injured?”  Tamara smiled, “No thank goodness. She was just extremely irritated and grumpy at the event.”  All the faeries sighed with relief.   Tamara then said, “I spoke with cousin Shannon and she instructed me to invoke Faerie Law #49:  No Spoken Untruths.” 

S.D.F.D.C. Law #49: The Law of Spoken Untruths

   “I now ask all faeries of the clan of Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust if any one of you were involved in the prank involving Miss Kelsie Kitty?”  Only silence resonated through the room and poor Gabe grew sad.  Tamara mistook their silence as an admission to their possible guilt and thinking thus spoke, “From your silence I render that one or more of you were involved in this unfortunate prank.”  Button popped up quickly, “Miss Cousin of Shannon, did Shannon not tell you the other part of the Law of Spoken Untruths?”  “What do you mean Button?” Tamara asked.  “Well, if we were involved we would have to tell you that ‘Yes’ we had done it for we have to speak the truth.  But because none of us were involved, then we do not speak at all for it is not spoken. Get it?”  Button giggled smiling because he saw confusion upon Tamara’s face , and well Gabe was just plain pale white at this point. 

   “So what you are saying, Button, is that if you had been involved in said prank then one or more of you would HAVE to tell me YES that you were; however, because none of you were involved, then due to the Law of No Spoken Untruths, no one replies, implying that no one faerie was involved.”

   “Exactly! You’ve got it.”  Button smiled.  All the rest of the faeries clapped.  When I found out, I apologized to Cousin Tamara for not  telling her this part of the rule (oops!).  Puck finally could hold his tongue no longer (and knowing Puck he was literally holding his tongue which he has to do in meetings just to keep from blurting out everything in his

"We were framed!" says Puck

head) … “We  were framed I tell ya!” he exclaimed.

   Cousin Tamara wasn’t sure what to believe.  The faeries did explain that if one of them had done it that they would by Law #49 have had to admit to their pulling this prank.  By this very logic it  seemed that the faeries had in fact not been involved in this incident.  “Mom, ” Gabe of Gavaldonia pulled at her shirt sleeve no longer able to stay quiet, “they didn’t do it.  We have to help them figure out who did.”

  Tamara knew Gabe was right …. who, indeed, had framed the faeries of the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan?


Stay tuned for more Adventures …. will we find out who did it? ….. As the story unfolds and we gather more information from Cousin Tamara, Sadie, Gabe and Kelsie, we will keep readers posted.

(Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Adventures by:  S.D.F.D.C – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan

   Photos of Gabe & Kelsie by:  Tamara Blyden

    Video of the Great Gabe of Gavaldonia by:  Tamara Blyden

    Faerie Dust & “Framed” Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

    Thank you to our readers!)


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