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Meet Morla’s Sister, Tara! August 4, 2010

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Tara the Tortoise

     45 miles away from Morla, who resides in the mountainside of Picacho Peak, stands her sister, Tara.  Tara, just as ancient but a touch more compassionate for the human race, resides as the ancient tortoise keeper of the Rillito River Resource Park area.  This, of course, wasn’t always a park …. the original land rests next to the Rillito River and was a corridor of natural resources for Native American Peoples and indigenous animals.  Tara has been keeper of this area for what she said, “Eons of time, child. Eons beyond what you can fathom.” 

      “Was it hard for you to be separated from your sister Morla?”  I queried.  “No … we do better at a distance.  She grows weary of my love for the human people.  She has not quite the same compassion as myself.  That is why you found her peaking out from under the mountain.  She can always go back into hiding if she wants,” Tara sighed deeply.

    I met Tara last year on one of my many walks and bike rides on the river walkway that


 travels the length of the river.  Her tortoise like head was poking up from the ground, and she had managed to shape-shift into the mesquite tree that now resides there.  This allows her to remain rooted to the area.  As the mesquite’s roots are fed with water, she gets her nutrition from this area as well.  Tara is actually the wise one who inspired the making of the faerie dust or at least connected me with her many faerie friends.

"The Grateful and Obsequious Marigold" by Alex Lucas

    As I passed by her one day, she said …. “Excuse me,” as she cleared her throat, “I would love for you to bring me some fresh flowers.”  Hmmmm…. okay I thought … whatever is in season and has lots of bright colors are Tara’s favorites.  Right now she is really in love with marigolds. The beautiful orange and gold colors inspire her to smile as the sun bounces off of their leaves.  After placing fresh flowers around her one day last year, she asked me, “You are a friend of the faeries, are you not?”  I responded, “Why yes!  In fact, I am.”  

    “Do you know how they make their faerie dust?”  she inquired.  I shook my head and pouted, “No.”  She laughed, thinking it was quite amusing to tease me. 

    “Well, one day, when you are least expecting it, the faeries will show you.  I am friends with them too.  Some of them live among my roots in fact.  Maybe they will share their secrets with you … one day.” 

    It was … in fact … one day that they shared with me how it is made … one day a year later. 😉

Morla's Sister, Tara

     Spirit time is nowhere near the same time we humans live on … so one day could mean a minute, an hour, a week, a year, a century … one just never knows.   It was a year later that I met Belle and Button of the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan on another adventourous walk exploring around Tara’s home that they whispered to me of how to collect and create faerie dust.  At first they said they were doing it to spread cheer and joy to the human folk …. now, I know (which is quite fine with me) their other motive was their want of creating ways to travel to many places they had never been before and learn of different cultures and traditions and to also just have lots of fantastical fun!

   I inquired of Tara today if sharing some of her stories with my readers would be okay.  “Yes … that is fine child.”  Then she added, “I have just one request though.” 

   “What is that?” I asked her raising my eyebrows in curiosity.

   “Flowers!” she grinned “If anyone comes to visit me.  Please ask they bring beautiful wildflowers.  This makes me quite

Orange Beauty by Elisabeth Black

happy indeed” and she reminded me, too, that the faeries as much as they like to share with humans, they have been hurt as well so she just wanted to remind human folk to respect the stories of the faerie clan.  They may have lots of fun and play tons of games but being elementals born of the earth, they are often apt to get their feelings easily bruised.

  Thank you Tara for letting me share with our readers … we hope you enjoyed learning about the native beings of Tucson!

   And …… we just learned that some of the Faerie Dust Clan just returned from their adventure to Los Angeles … what were they doing there … maybe they landed cameo’s to play in a post- production of Titanic!


(Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Story by:  Tara the Tortoise

  Adventures by:  S.D.F.D.C.  –  Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan

  Photos of Tara and Cruiser by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photo of “The Grateful & Obsequious Marigold” by:  Alex Lucas @

  Photo of “Orange Beauty” by Elisabeth Black

   Thanks to:  All of Our Readers)


4 Responses to “Meet Morla’s Sister, Tara!”

  1. You know, the Irish call their leprechauns faeries. I wonder if they are related to those in the Sonoran desert.

  2. I do believe they are at the very least relatives. I have a co-worker from the Phillipines who have their own version of the faerie people. One of my classmates from spritual school was telling me about the faerie folk in Norway. In the drum circle I attend one of the members is from a tribal community in Oregon and he speaks of the faerie folk in their culture as well. I think it is of the same way humans have our different cultures but we are of the same human tribe. Faeries are shaped by their surroundings but all are of the same elemental earth tribe. 😉

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