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The Faerie Dust Clan Goes to Ireland! August 1, 2010

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    Well, folks, it isn’t often that our Sonoran Desert Faeries get to travel overseas, but we were fortunate to have a friend of faerie travelling to Ireland!  And she, wholeheartedly, agreed to allow the faerie clan to accompany her on her trip.  We gifted a magical pouch of faerie dust to Miss Genelle, our gracious hostess.  Now, this is the second trip the faeries have had through various and sundry airports and because they are used to flying by themselves, it is quite strange for them to  sit inside an airplane to take a trip. 

   I did, however, remind them that because they were guests, they needed to respect the travelling method of the humans.  They were quite pleased to be going to meet some cousin relatives in Ireland from the Realm of Faerie.   The faeries had a slumber party at Genelle’s house the night before the trip since they would be leaving so early in the morning, and well, the faeries really like the evening hours so I wouldn’t really call it “slumbering” so much, but it definitely was a party!  The up-side to “unslumbering” parties before a long plane flight is that the faeries slept the entire way to Ireland in the “lap of luxury” as one might say.  Genelle packed an extra bag stuffed with down to allow the faeries to rest upon clouds of white, dreaming of the Shannon River.

   Interestingly enough, and seeing how the universe works in mysterious ways, the tour bus driver’s name just so happened to be, Jimmy O’Sullivan (which is the name of my own human father) … hmmmm….., the faeries felt quite taken care of in the arms of

The O'Sullivan's of Ireland

Ireland’s welcoming arms.  Little did they know that their cousins, the Irish Clover Clan, were waiting at the gate for them and joined the tour bus along with the humans.  Much skampering and skurring about along with pinching ears and tugging wings to meet and greet one another occurred … some of the tour bus passengers wondered to themselves how their shoelaces became tied together .. .naughty faeries.

    Well, Jimmy O’Sullivan had just so happened to hear about the S.D.F.D.C.’s visit to Ohio and even their rendering of the scene from “Titanic”  (please refer to faerie blog post faeries trip on the Belle of Louisville to catch up with our adventures 😉 …) and upon this auspicious visit in the town of Shannon, it just so happened that a real life story was told to them of a human resident who lived in Shannon that had been on the Titanic when it sank.  The true story is this:  the child’s name was, Margaret.  Margaret was a mere nine weeks of age, tiny and small.  She had an older brother, age 6, whose name we cannot recall at this time.  The two children were passangers on the Titanic with their

Titanic (pic from

 mother and father, who loved them dearly.  When Titanic hit the iceberg and began sinking, the passangers became frantic trying to escape the impending disaster.  There were not enough life boats to rescue everyone.  When Margaret’s parents realized they would not survive the sinking ship, they wanted to give their son and daughter a chance at survival.   This is when the faeries of the air whispered to them … “Use the mailbags to save your children” … for you see … it was the faeries of the air who directed Margaret’s parents in this next step.  The mailbags would float on top of the water.  Margarets parents grabbed two mailbags, one for Margaret and one for her brother.  With tears in their eyes but hope in their hearts and gratitude to the faeries of the air, mother and father set Margaret and her brother off to sea each afloat upon their own mailbags.  The bags drifted with the help of the faerie elementals of the ocean over to a departing life boat and one of the passangers scooped up both children to safety.  Both children were brought to safety and raised by their parent’s families.

   Well, as you can well imagine, after Jimmy O’Sullivan’s account of this story, there was not a dry eye among either human or faerie

Scene from movie, The Titanic

 passanger on the tour.  The faerie, Belle, said, “So that is why we like to re-enact scenes from the movie, Titanic, so much .. our elemental cousins of the air and ocean helped to rescue these very children that kept the kingdom of faerie alive in their imaginations.  Their parents were so brave.”   Margaret passed away at the age of 90, but her memory is kept alive by the human world of Shannon, Ireland as well as the Realm of Faerie.  We are all grateful to Genelle, our hostess with the mostest, for bringing the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan to learn of these true stories.  

Faerie Dust Makes it to Galway, Ireland!

    Faerie Dust was also brought to Dublin and Galway where much frivolity and joyous celebration occurred .. it wouldn’t surprise any of my readers, I am quite sure, that after hours celebrations occurred in many pubs across Ireland and many of the faerie adventures were lost along the way due to lack of memory on the part of my poor little Sonoran Desert Faeries who could not keep up with the celebrations of their cousins.

   I hope everyone enjoyed these tales of joy and sorrow and love along with the adventures of the faeries.  We thank you for being our readers and look forward to sharing more tales or tails with you in the future!

    If the faeries’ memories recover, then I shall continue more tales (tails) of Ireland .. in the meantime, I will leave it to the imagination of the readers to fill in the gaps … this, I know, could be quite dangerous; however, we trust that you won’t imagine any harm to the faeries in their many travels! 

Faerie Dust Spotted in Salthill Park in Ireland!


( Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

   Faerie Dust photos courtesy of :  Genelle, Friend of Faerie

   Margaret’s story courtesy of Jimmy O’Sullivan told to Genelle told to me

   Titanic photo courtesy of website:

    Faerie Dust courtesy of:  S.D.F.D.C.  –  Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan

    Once again a Thank You!  to our readers 😉 … )


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