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Spirit Speaks Even Through an iPod! August 1, 2010

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   Well, it seems that we can commune with Spirit even through our electronics.  Have you ever read a passage in a book that gave you the information right when you needed it or heard the words to a song that helped you work through a question in your life?  Has a movie ever brought you more understanding of the world around you?  Well, it isn’t limited to these methods alone … whatever tools you have in your life that are used for communication … the information will come to you if you let it and this includes iPods as well.

   I have been getting a varicose vein in my right lower leg and “worried” about it as far as overall health.  I spoke with my naturopathic physician, Dr. Maureen Schwehr, and we decided that I needed to eat more bitter greens like dandelion greens and kale and parsely which I have added to my diet.  I also found a home remedy that includes using castor oil on the legs and propping feet above heart for twenty minutes ( and no crossing the legs while sitting!). 

   A couple of days ago I was getting ready to meet for a Reiki session with my friend Cornelia.  Before she arrived, I had taken out my iPod and put the playlist on “song titles”.  My ipod carries about 6,000 song titles currently.  I asked the iPod, “how am I feeling right now?”  Then I scrolled through the song titles and stopped.  The song title I landed on was, “Alone” (which is a song by Ben Harper from albumn “Burn to Shine”).  I thought, “Oh yes, that is how I am feeling right at this moment.”  Then I asked, “what can I do for myself now?”  Then I scrolled through songs once more and landed on title, “Backwards Walk” ( a song by group Frightened Rabbit from albumn “The Midnight Organ Fight”).  I didn’t get it … what does that mean? Hmmm…. I let the thought go.

"Backwards Walk"

    Cornelia arrived and we began the session.  Cornelia is a good source of information when talking about alternative methods to healthcare and wellness so I asked her for any health tips for varicose veins. I informed her of what I was currently doing.  She said that she had learned a great exercise for varicose veins is to walk backwards!  No joke dear readers!  This was the title I just had stopped on on my ipod song title search!  Holy cow.  I started laughing.  Cornelia asked what was so funny?  I relayed my story to her about communication with Spirit through the electronic device.  Using the iPod as a divination tool!

   So guess what I did today?  Went for a walk in nature and took the opportunity to do some backwards walking. Yay!

   Have a wonderfully fabulous week! 😉


(Words and story by:  Shannon Sullivan

Purification Mandala

  Superman iPod photo by:  Shannon Sullivan

  iPod information courtesy of:  Spirit 😉

  Purification Mandala courtesy of: )


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