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Martinez Lake! Yuma! Faerie Dust! The Nephews …. July 21, 2010

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   Of the many places that the faeries and the lovely faerie dust had yet to visit was our original hometown of Yuma, AZ.  They were elated to find out that we would get to visit my family and consquently the faeries’  human relatives.  The faeries and myself

Christmas in July Tree Celebration

 took it as an auspicious event when right outside of Yuma on our drive, we came upon a beautiful tree in-between the two sides of the interstate that was fabulously decorated with Christmas tree ornaments.  We had surmised that some of the faerie dust we had previously mailed to my sister and mom preceding our arrival had given rise to this wonderful greeting back home. 

   The two little people the faeries took to immediately were my two nephews, known in the S.D.F.D.C. as “CJ Dragonfly Rider” & “Smiling Gnome”, who themselves are already friends of faerie through their association through me.  The adventure my sister and her husban planned for all of us

CJ Dragonfly Rider

 was a scenic tour of the Martinez Lake off of the Colorado River on their ski boat.   The morning of the boat trip I had to shake and rouse the faeries from their slumber … many had been severly stifled by the humidity.  Once they were up and hopping, it was time to roll.  Each faerie had brought their own lake toys to make use of during the visit …. a trumpet bloom to float down the river with, a willow leaf to tie around a dragonfly to go wakeboarding on, a small mesquite branch on which to tie a line and fish for minnows with … each faerie had his/her own day mapped out.

Faerie Gamma J watches over "Smiling Gnome"

I asked the faeries to ride to lake with us in the car so they could talk to “Dragonfly Rider”, now 5 years old, but they insisted on piling into the boat that was on the trailer so they could enjoy the scenery on the way to the lake.  I just told them, “Be careful and stay away from the propeller.

Martinez Lake Faerie Den Sighted!

  The last thing we want is someone losing  a wing or eartip”.  They all nodded as if they had never created mischief before.  Upon our arrival at the lake, we were able to get the boat into the water and waited patiently for my sister’s husband to park the truck.  As we waited, “CJ Dragonflyer Rider” said, “Auntie, look, there is a faerie den!”  Sure enough he was right on!  I peered over at the edge of the lake where a group of palm trees stood and there at the bottom of one of the palm trees, the faerie den was located.  “Should we send some Sonoran Desert faerie dust to

Martinez Lake Faerie Den Island

them as a greeting,” I asked.  He replied, “Of course.”    One of the helpers of this mission was Woody from Toy Story who asked to tag along with us on the trip.  Woody offered his hat to place the faerie dust in and this time instead of saying, “There’s a snake in my boot” … Woody said, “There’s faerie dust in my hat!”  On the count of three:  one, two, three … “CJ Dragonflyer Rider”, Woody and myself let the faerie dust fly into the lake over to the den.  With that we were greeted heartliy by dragonflies abound buzzing all around us saying hello and making acquaintance with our own Sonoran Faerie Dust Clan.  We asked them if they could join us further down the river for a day of fun.  They accepted our invitation.

CD Dragonfly Rider & Woody Prepare for Faerie Dust Launch

   It was a day of sun and fun and floating and drifting and spinning.  There was one incident which I shouldn’t mention, but I will anyway because to me and the faerie clan it is quite humorous.  My beloved brother-in-law loves to poke fun of me and the faerie world … we think it is because he is jealous of not being able to see them (that’s okay … we forgive his adultishness) … but I warned him not to make too much fun because the faeries don’t like to be angered.  Well, he didn’t heed our warning and was promptly bitten on his leg by a dragonfly …. I only said, “I tried to warn you.”  I think it was more of a love bite than anything else really … no blood was drawn nor did anyone end up in the hospital which is a good thing.

   As the day came to a close and we were preparing to dock the boat, four geese appeared to say their fond farewells to the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan.   We all waved good-bye and by the time we were back in the truck, all of the faeries were piled on top of one another sound asleep next to their new friend, Woody.  CJ Dragonfly Rider still had faerie dust stuck to his hands and I let him know that most likely that will be a permanent state of affairs.  He didn’t seem to mind!

S.D.F.D.C. strikes again!

Four little geese, swimming in a row, Cj Dragonfly Rider swims between them toandfro,

Four Geese All in a Row!

 like a dolphin leaping in the air, he swims and splashes water everywhere, while Smiling Gnome, his brother here, looks on with delight at what is there and I, the Auntie “Green Faerie” called try not to get between them all.  We hope you have a ‘frabjous day and remember faeries don’t delay to meet and greet the world with open arms and listen to these CJ Dragonfly Rider and his superdy dooperdy songs.

Off into the Sunset We Go

(Written words and story by:  Shannon Sullivan
 Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan
 The names of my nephews were changed to protect the innocent – they shall be hereby known as their honorary faerie titles:
              CJ Dragonfly Rider (5 years of age)   &     Smiling Gnome (2 years of age)
  Adventures by:   S.D.F.D.C.  – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan)

5 Responses to “Martinez Lake! Yuma! Faerie Dust! The Nephews ….”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    What a delightful fairy trip. I am sorry that I am so landbound because i want to go too. Also, I’m sending hugs to Catherine.


  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Jeanne, I am glad you enjoyed our adventure! We did have a good time. Catherine loves to receive as many hugs as possible 😉

  3. Adorable little Dragonfly Rider and smiling Gnome.

  4. Yes, I am very proud of my two nephews. They are both great helpers of the faerie world 😉

  5. […] member, who happens to be my six-year-old nephew, the infamous “CJ Dragonfly Rider” (   One day during our visit we had been outdoors playing in the wind. The wind told us, […]

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