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Catherine the Fountain Receives Blessings July 18, 2010

   I would love to update family and friends with Catherine the Fountain and the status of her new home.  After Carol and Jerry

Carol's New Art Studio

 became the new caregivers of Catherine, they began diligently cleaning the yard around her to make her feel welcome and comfortable.  In the process Carol, a lifelong artist, turned her AZ room into her new art studio which overlooks the backyard where she has the great good fortune of seeing the smiling face of Catherine everyday. 

   Carol contacted me when the backyard was ship-shape and her new art studio had come together, and we chose the date of Thursday, July 15th to do a blessing ceremony for Catherine in honor of her new home and as a way of giving blessings to the new art studio as well.  Carol and I sent out invitations for the ceremony to local friends.

   I prepared the small ceremony, and Carol made preperations of delicious food and beverages for guests.  The day before the ceremony, one of my clients had been kind enough to tell me about a labrynth in

Green Valley Labrynth

Green Valley at one of the local churches.  I thought this would be a good location for me to do a “pre

St. Francis holding space at the labrynth

-ceremony” blessings for myself before heading over to Carol’s for the actual blessing.  When I arrived at the Labrynth Thursday around 3:15, there were two cardinals serenading me in the mesquite trees that shaded the labrynth.  Next to the labrynth was a small statue of St. Francis of Assisi and knew this to be a most auspicious blessing since he is one of the patron saints of Italy along with St. Catherine, who the fountain is named after. 

   Fourteen friends of Catherine the Fountain were present for her blessing at 4:00 p.m.   Carol led a wonderful introduction of Catherine and her namesake St. Catherine.  A beautiful gift Carol provided me with for the actual blessing of the fountain was a bundle of white sage gifted to her by the Sycuan Band of Mission Indians that she had done some teaching with many years ago.  After Carol’s prayer, we headed outdoors forming a circle around Catherine and created an energetic circle of connection.  I read the poem I had written for Catherine called “Catherine & the Sea of Dreams” (which can be found on a previous blog page under the catergory cloud “Catherine’s story”).  I used the white sage of the Sycuan people to smudge the area around Catherine and asked that she and her new home be blessed.

Blessing Ceremony Circle of Catherine the Fountain

   The ceremony was brief but powerful and felt like we all connected to help welcome her to her beautiful new home which she so rightfully deserves.  We are beginning to understand that the whole world around us is a “living vibration” and that it is not only humans and animals and plants that are alive but also electronics and wood and fiber and cement are alive with their own vibration as well.  Giving honor to Catherine is as an embodiment that she as a fountain had been created as a work of art and been brought to life only to be left behind and deserted.  Now we reclaim her life and give her a beautiful new home and right next to a brand new art studio of her caregiver, Carol. 

Thank you!

  Thank you to all who participated in the blessing, all who sent their blessings who weren’t there in person and all those who read this story and continue to give blessing to Catherine through their participation of following her story on this blog.  I am so grateful for all that give their energetic support.  Thank you Jerry for being our photographer and capturing this moment for us!


(Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photos from blessing by:  Jerry Schultz

   Photos of labrynth by:  Shannon Sullivan)


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