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Faeries Float the Ohio River! July 11, 2010

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    Well, I do believe the faeries are trying to break into show business with their latest antics!   Beth and her soon-to-be granddaughter-in-law, Harlan, were the Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan’s lastest hostesses on their worldly travels!  And what gracious hostesses they were.  The faerie clan were transported with Beth by plane to Kentucky (shhhhhh…. don’t tell airport authorities … they didn’t even notice the 100 faerie friends travelling with Beth … I bet security never even thought of setting up special screening to find faerie folk!) 

    Upon arriving in Kentucky, Beth immediately introduced the clan along with

Miss Harlan concerned for the faerie clan's hunger

their magical faerie dust to Harlan, who jumped and clapped with glee at their surprise visit.  She was distraught with a consternated attitude, however, when she feared she had no faerie food available in the house for her new found friends.  “No worries, Miss Harlan, we snuck our special food (nectar) with us in this handy 2 oz bottle in a 1 Qt plastic bag to get through security) with us.  The airport officials just thought it was shampoo.  Silly rabbits.  We native Arizonans of the Clan Faerie can be quite adept at adapting!”  Harlan was much relieved.

   The best part of the faeries visit was their trip down the majestic Ohio River

The Belle of Louisville on the Ohio River

 on the famous “Belle of Louisville”.  This steamboat was the highlight of the faeries’ trip.  Harlan, Beth and the S.D.F.D.C. let the healing flowers of the magical faerie dust into the Ohio River and watched as it was swept downstream.  Now the faeries waste no time in scheming up additional adventures for themselves and I had forgotten to

Beth & Harlan send Faerie Dust into Ohio River

warn Harlan and Beth of this before she went on the trip.  As soon as the dust was released, Harlan turned to speak with the faerie folk, but they had vanished (as if into thin air … evaporated with the steam from the boat).  Harlan ran from bow to stern in search of her faerie friends. (this is where the whole hollywood business comes into play). 

   “Oh my goodness!  What are you faeries doing?” Harlan shook her head.  There, seated in a semi-circle at the stern of the ship on the deck, were the faeries watching a re-enactment of one of their favorite human movies by James Cameron, Titanic.  The faerie, Belle, was playing the

Titanic 1997 Movie

part of Rose, and Button was playing the part of Jack.  They stood on the railing of the stern quoting lines from the movie and scene:  Button (Jack) “Hold on, Hold on. Keep your eyes closed” he quotes to Belle (Rose) .. “Do you trust me?”  Belle (Rose) responds, “I trust you”  her faerie wings spread out catching the air from the paddle wheel behind the “Belle of Louisville””.  “Alright, open your eyes.”  Button (Jack) holding Belle’s hands in his and grinning … they turn and the whole Faerie Dust Clan breaks into a flying ovation of swoops, swirls and twirls.  Harlan and Beth grin and clap their hands.  Apparently this was not the first time this troop of traveling faerie dust clan had re-enacted this movie scene.  For amateurs they weren’t half bad.  Unfortunately, no hollywood producers were on the ship that day to witness Belle and Button’s acting skills.  Maybe next time we will think to send a videographer with the faerie folk to capture this on film and mail it in to Time Warner Studios!  (maybe we will see if Quynn is available)

    Thank you Beth and Harlan for creating such a welcoming environment for our troop of travelers.  They are most grateful once again.  Exhausted, the faeries slept well in dreamland that night with visions of Jack and Rose flying through their heads.


(Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photos courtesy of:  Beth Cedarleaf

   Photo of the Belle of Louisville courtesy of:

   Poster of Titanic:  from Titanic movie 1997 by James Cameron

   Quotes by Belle and Button from movie Titanic

   Faerie travels by:   S.D.F.D.C. – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan)


4 Responses to “Faeries Float the Ohio River!”

  1. Great photo of the Belle of Louisville. We traveled on a paddle boat down the Mississippi. A great experience.

  2. Most excellent! The faeries had a great experience likewise I am glad to report 😉

  3. beth cedarleaf Says:

    Thank you ,Shannon, for recreating this wonderful experience that I had with my future granddaughter. Aren’t kids great!!

  4. faeriemagic Says:

    Beth, you are quite welcome. Thank you for taking the faeries with you! 😉

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