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Close Call in BigLake Arizona! July 6, 2010

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Well, I just don’t know if our faerie friends will be continued to be invited places with friends if they get into trouble.  They scared the living daylights out of my wonderful friend, Elisabeth, who headed up to BigLake Arizona in the White Mountains.  Elisabeth, who is

Big Lake Arizona

 an avid friend of faerie, was extremely excited about taking the gathered pouch of faerie dust and the faeries were graciously invited to accompany her and her husband on their adventure.  I reminded Elisabeth that once she arrived at the lake, she did not have to keep charge of the faeries.  However, Elisabeth, who is very conscientious, did keep a peripheral view of the faeries and their adventures once they arrived in BigLake.  The faeries, unfortunately, being from the Tucson location were ill-prepared for the cold, damp weather that greeted them.  In fact, the whole clan jumped into the sleeping bag with Elisabeth and her husband to keep warm.  It is nice that faeries can shapeshift and make themselves very, very small, or it could have been quite uncomfortable, and it is not a gracious thing for guests to squeeze their hosts out of the comfort being provided for them.  Once the weather cleared a great cheer of “Yippeee!”  was heard throughout the Lakeside.  This, of course, got Elisabeth into great trouble with the near-by fishermen who were trying to bring in trout.  As soon as the fish heard the cheer from the faeries, they scattered to the center of the lake, startled and wide-eyed.  Elisabeth sat down with the faeries immediately. She is of kind heart and did not scold.  Instead, she sat the faeries in a big circle and told them a story about the etiquette of fishermen and the lake.

    The faerie clan decided to walk with Elisabeth and Rich to find the Most Perfect location for the faerie dust and discovered an Aspen Grove

Big Lake Aspen Faerie Grove

near-by.  The wind whipped Elisabeth’s hair around her face, and the branch of one of the Aspens reached down and swooped the pouch of faerie dust from her hands quite eager to be blessed with the magic of the sonoran desert flowers that hold such beautiful magic.  Elisabeth was so thrilled that she didn’t have to ask every single tree personally (although she would have if necessary).  The Aspen thanked her profousely and asked, “May I meet and welcome these wonderful faerie friends to our grove?”  The faeries fluttered out from behind Elisabeth peaking up at the tall Aspen standing before them.   “Halllloooo” they said in unison. 

        Not two seconds (really … well… maybe five seconds and definitely not more than ten seconds later) a group of Aspen Grove Faeries disguised as butterflies came out to greet Elisabeth and the faerie dust clan.  They showed how they love to drink from the wild irises that live in the grove providing them with a wonderful drink, a.k.a. “Iris-dew-zies” … well and this is where the real trouble began.  Our poor little Sonoran Desert clan is not used to the Wild Iris nectar and some slight intoxicating effects occurred.  Due to this, the faeries completely forgot the story

The "Iris-dew-zies"

Elisabeth had just told them about fishing etiquette, and the whole clan headed to the lake for a splash in the water.   Ooooohhhhh … melee occurred … the faeries swum skirting on top of the water.  They tipped and tapped the waters surface.  The fish, all excited, believed the faeries to be food and just before the faeries were gobbled up by the trout in Big Lake, Elisabeth had to run fully clothed into the water to rescue them. My goodness,  our poor, intoxicated faeries were almost fish bait!  I am happy to report that there were no injuries! 

I daresay the faeries will think twice before partaking of the Wild Iris …. “Iris-dew-zies” again!

See how tempting!

Thank you again to Miss Elisabeth and awesome husband, Rich, for their kindness, gentleness and patience with the faerie clan!


(Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photos courtesy:  Elisabeth Black

  Adventures by:   S.D.F.D.C. – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan)


4 Responses to “Close Call in BigLake Arizona!”

  1. Marilyn Keefer Says:

    What a delightful foray they had at Big Lake. Being an avid fisher-woman at Big Lake, I can tell you that the fish are mighty particular about what enters their waters, however, I am sure they were astounded to have such unearthly, vibrating energy around them. They will never be the same!

  2. From the fish-eye view it just looked like “food” tapping on the water’s edge. Now they know the difference! :0) It was a learning experience for all involved I can assure you of that. 😉

  3. Faeries are rather mischevous little characters, aren’t they.

  4. Yes, they can be … that is why I have learned to choose more carefully which ones I work with so that they create only “helpful” delights with human people … now that doesn’t mean I can stop the mischief they get into when they are on their own exploring new places 😉

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