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97 and Counting …. July 2, 2010

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Wes & His 97th Year of Celebration!

  On June 29, 2010 Wes Harmon celebrated his 97th year of Life.  He lost his wife to cancer 8 years ago and started coming to workout at the gym where I work with clients.   His goal was to “Just keep going”.  He felt  he had no one left to live for and knew he had to get himself out of the house or he would drown in the sorrow his heart felt.  His wife and he had been married for 55 years and were good friends as well as husband and wife.  His secret to a good marriage is:  “Well, deary, I wear my heart on my sleeve, always tell the truth and communicate and come to a mutual agreement.”  I asked him how he learned this and he replied, “after seeing my mother and father bicker all the time, I decided I didn’t want that for myself.”  I have learned many valuable trinkets of wisdom from Wes over the past 8 years.  His life was not easy, but he said he has tried to enjoy everything he has received in each moment.  I am grateful for this reminder.  He also has a great sense of humor most days which keeps the people in his life smiling.  He is often approached by strangers just because they are drawn to his smile.

Thank you Wes …. And Happy Birthday! 😉


(Photo courtesy:  Shannon Sullivan)


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