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Catherine, the Fountain, receives blessed visits by two desert dwellers June 30, 2010

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Our story of Catherine, the Fountain from the Sea of Dreams, (see from earlier posts), had two visitors today that seemed to be

Catherine in Her Sea of Dreams

 preparing the way for her blessing day.  Carol and I will do an official blessing of Catherine and her new home, as her keepers continue making the place pretty for her, on Thursday July 15th at 4:00 p.m.   She is quite pleased with the way her new home is shaping up and has continued gratitude for her new keepers, Carol June and Gerry.   Catherine was firsted visited by quail and quail has many teachings in the Shamanic World of Animal Wisdom:


Quail's Visit

Quail’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Living close to the Earth
  • Ability to blend into the background
  • Finding peaceful solutions to peril
  • Courage to face hardships


Catherine has definitely faced her share of hardships both as a Patron Saint of Italy, which is this Catherine of the Fountain’s namesake, and as a fountain who was left behind and neglected until now.  We have definitely created a peaceful solution to her living arrangements and found people that can care for her and give her the love she needs.  The second visitor Catherine received today was bobcat a.k.a Bobby by the neighborhood.  He wanted to send her his gift of an early blessing to prepare for the upcoming ceremony.  Bobcat’s teachings of wisdom include:

Bobcat’s Wisdom Includes:Clear vision in dark places

Senor Gato Roberto aka Bobcat

  • Vigilance
  • Suspicion
  • Seeking ancient mystical mysteries
  • Ability to live in solitude
  • Ability to see through masks

Catherine has survived vigilantly by herself until now and now through the grace of God has been granted the ability to live and dwell in peace at her new home.  Thank you Quail and Bobcat for your early blessings for the upcoming ceremony. 

Yay! 😉

To continue learning about the Ancient Teachings of Wisdom from the Animal World please visit the website “Working with Animal Spirit Guides”  at


( Written story by:  Shannon Sullivan

   Photography by:  Carol June Schultz

   Animal wisdom information by:  “Animal Spirits”  website at )


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