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Lions and Tigers but Mostly Bears – Oh My! June 29, 2010

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What have the faerie folk and their magical faerie dust been up to now, you ask yourselves?  Well, our fine faerie friends from Tucson

Faerie Dust in Wyoming

 who normally like the animal transportation of roadrunners, hawks, lizards, scorpions (yes there are some of our more extreme faeries who dare the challenge of the scorpion … but that is another story entirely) … well, they have had the opportunity to venture to the beautiful mountains of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming and found that they could make friends with the bears there by giving them berries to eat.  Their teacher, Quynn, showed them the berries that are currently being processed so that the bears will have full tummies and once the bears are satisfied with these berry gifts, then the faeries can woo the hearts of the bears and ask for a ride on their backs.  The faerie cousins who live near the mountains of the Grand Tetons were not currently at home when our faeries arrived unannounced and so Quynn and the Tucson Faerie Folk left a small note on the stone den of the faerie called,

Grand Tetons!

Smash, saying, “Good day, good cousin, it is ‘We’ the cousin folk friends of Tucson stopping to say thank you for allowing us the hospitatlity of staying overnight in the grounds surrouding your abode.  We shall leave some of our native faerie dust as a gift and a blessing. Signed, Much a Kin, ” ….   at that moment Quynn and the faeries were called over by Jacob (Quynn’s fearless beau) and said that a ground squirrel informed him that the native faerie folk of the Grand Tetons are often seeing hitching a ride on the backs of the bears that inhabit the area.  The ground squirrel chittered quickly on about them burrowing themselves into the thick fur at the crook of the neck where the skin folds.  Of course, most cases, require permission first from the bear and then from other riders who may be already hitched onto the bear.  I guess you could say the Wyoming bears are like the SunTran of Tucson. 😉

The faeries would like to offer a special thanks to their teacher, Quynn, and her awesome partner and faerie friend, Jacob, and all the teaching they gift to the faeries, the world and us.  To learn more about the importance of our mother, Earth, and the lands that we are proud of visit Quynn’s teachings at:

Berries for the Bears - An Offering


Thank you for following the True Adventures of the Faerie Dust Clan 😉

We hope you enjoy and I am grateful for all the friends of faerie who take the faerie dust to all these different lands as blessings and offerings.


Also stay tuned-in … the continuuing story of Catherine (the beautiful fountain) is to receive a Blessing Ceremony at her new home on July 15th, Thursday, at 4:00 p.m. and I will update how the ceremony goes.  Catherine is happy with her new home and her wonderful keepers, Carol and Gerry. 😉


(Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photos courtesy of:  Quynn Elizabeth

  Adventures by:  S.D.F.D.C.   – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan)


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