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Button Button Who’s Got the Button? June 25, 2010

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The Fairies Illustration by Maud & Miska Petersham

Hello there my fellow faerie travellers.  I last introduced you to the faerie travels to Alpine and one of the faeries who made his debut into the blogging world was, Button.  Well, since then,  Button has been talking my ear off telling me about his name and how it has greatly influenced the world of humans and their be-ing-ness.  He began his story with the children’s song singing it in my ear, loudly, “Button, Button who’s got the button?”  So I decided to look up what we, human be-ings, think of as the origin of this verse sung by children.  This began as a song called “Who Has the Button?” attributed to Verna Meads Surer and in its entirety goes:

But-ton, but-ton, who has the but-ton? Oh, where can it be?
I have to find it, I have to find it, If I could on-ly
John-ny holds his hands so tight, Ma-ry will not tell,
Jim-my looks as though he might, They’re hid-ing it so well
But-ton, but-ton, who has the but-ton? Oh, where can it be?

This was later turned into a children’s game.  Now, The TRUTH, is revealed, dear readers of where the saying, “Button, Button who’s got the button” started.  It actually began in the Kingdom of Faerie.  For you see, as Button tells me, Faeries have been part of the natural kingdom of Mother Earth even before the time of man.  Button is not one for exaggeration, and his fellow faerie family

The World of Prickly Pear

concur that he tells the truth implicitly.  And who am I to argue with Button or any other faerie that is my true friend for that matter?  Shortly after Button was old enough to venture out in the wooded and cacti deserts alone, he was always going “missing” from home.  He would be so excited to visit friends, relatives and creatures around the desert dwellings that he would neglect to tell his mother where he was headed or whence he would return (not an uncommon event that occurs across cultures both faerie and human alike).  Button’s mum, Doris, almost unfailingly, every evening would scour the desert in search of her son to bring him home to wash up with Lily water and eat supper.  She would fly over mesquite trees, lift branches of palo verde and braved the biting glochids (or spines) of the Padded Prickly Pear.  And every night all of the desert dwellers, animal, vegetable, mineral would hear Doris singing, “Button, Button who has my Button?”  And so you see the echoes of Doris’ song from the faerie world reached the ears of the human world, and the song was spread throughout human be-ing-ness.  Until now it was never given its proper origin.  Thank you kind Button for sharing your story with us humans and teaching us how the Kingdom of Faerie has greatly influenced and brought joy to adults and children alike in the world of human folk.

Have a wonderfully fabulous Faerie Day …. (Button wishes you one as well).


( Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photo courtesy of:  Shannon Sullivan

  Illustration by:  Maud & Miska Petersham

  “Button song” by:  Verna Meads

   Original “Button” words by:  Doris, the Faerie Mom of Button

   Adventures by:  S.D.F.D.C.   –   Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan  )



2 Responses to “Button Button Who’s Got the Button?”

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