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Faeries Beat the Heat in Alpine!! June 24, 2010

The wonderful adventures of the traveling faerie dust continue.  The faeries were lucky enough to hitch a ride with their new found faerie friend, Marilyn, who was headed up to Alpine and Hannagan Meadows.  The faerie folk found out some information about this area and were thoroughly pleased to jump on board and hit the road for exploration of new terrain.  This is the description they read about the area:    “Combine New Mexico’s Blue Range Wilderness with Arizona’s Blue Range Primitive Area and you have two pieces of earth that encompass a wild, generally dry, and seemingly endless expanse of rough but beautiful terrain. The state line is all that separates the two areas, with New Mexico’s Wilderness tucked into the Blue Range Mountains and halved by the Mogollon Rim, a dramatic edge of the Colorado Plateau that runs east to west. Grassland foothills rise to juniper woodland and higher up to peaks forested in ponderosa pine, spruce, and fir. On occasion, just when you can’t see the trees for the forest, the dense woods will give way to a mountain meadow or a cool aspen glade. The rock-walled canyons are narrow and steep, sometimes plummeting as much as 1,000 feet from their forested rims. By contrast, the sweeping reaches of stark land offer tremendous solitude and soul-stretching quiet, a silence broken only visually by ragged rock towers.”   (this information was procured from the wonderful website

Well, you can imagine how happy they were when Marilyn allowed the troupe to hop into the back of her vehicle and journey to a destination that was much cooler than the 100 degree weather we are currently experiencing here in Tucson.

I reminded them that they needed to stay warm since their wings were not acclimated to the climate of the cooler weather and to

Tucson Faerie Dust Greetings to Hannagan Meadows

bring their yellow trumpet vine umbrellas with them in case it rained to protect their wings.  One of the clever faeire trouppers did tell me that he, Button, discovered that beeswax in its natural state applied to their wings provided a nice seal that allowed weather proofing to prohibit their wings from becoming laden with dew and rain.  I appreciated this knowledge for I was completely unaware of this.  Once Marilyn arrived and the faeries heartily popped out of the vehicle, they exclaimed with joy and greeted all of their relatives in the area (the other native trees, ferns, plants and animals) “Good day all!”  Marilyn was kind enough to leave the special faerie dust in locations around Hannagan Meadows as a welcoming from Tucson to Alpine.

Of course, I did not expect Marilyn to keep track of the faerie troupe once they arrived in Alpine because well that simply is an impossible and daunting task; however, to her we are much appreciative of continuuing to spread the joy held by the faerie dust to other communities near and far.

Hannagan Meadows Lodge

The faeries were found resting soundly in several of the cabins at the Hannagan Meadows Lodge but don’t tell anyone because I don’t think they made reservations and how do you pay for a faerie family of 50 anyway?


(  Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

    Photos of Alpine courtesy:  Marilyn Keefer

    Photo Ad of Hannagan Meadows courtesy:

    Adventures by:  S.D.F.D.C.  –  Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan)


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