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Re: The Faeries of Tucson Wish Everyone a Happy Summer Solstice June 20, 2010

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Gratitude Tree

   Hello Wonderful Friends of Faerie …. we would like to wish everyone a Happy Summer Solstice celebrating our gratitude for the things we have harvested this year in our lives thus far.  The faeries gifted all the participants at the Institute of Shamanic Arts in Tucson Arizona beautiful pouches of Magical Faerie Dust with which to make as offerings of gratitude back to Mother Earth. **************************************************************************************************

  Today we held a percussion circle of celebration in honor of the Summer Solstice.

The faeries were quite pleased with our efforts and look forward to bringing more wonderful events forward for people in the future.

Thank you for all the awesome participants.


And later this very same day …. more Magical Faerie Dust was spotted in a local faerie den of the location which I am not currently allowed to disclose so as it does not get disturbed.  The following footage documents this beautiful faerie den and it is protected by the Faerie Den Mother known as “Nana Ruthie” … she can be very strict in her rules … but somehow the faeries that live in this den manage to find loopholes in all of her rules anyhow … she just shakes her head and goes to take a nap for watching faerie folk can be quite an exhausting job.

Nana Ruthie's Faerie Den


(Written words by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photos by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Adventures by:   S.D.F.D.C. – Sonoran Desert Faerie Dust Clan )


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