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How is Magical Faerie Dust Created? – you may be wondering … June 15, 2010

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So I was just speaking to the faeries and they were indicating that my readers may want to know what it in the faerie dust exactly and how is it made?

Well, with sweat and hard work, i gather fallen, dried flower donations that are gifted by all of the trees and plants of the Tucson desert area.

The last batch of faerie dust contains a base of: Palo Verde blooms since that is the most plentiful.  Then I add other wonderful donated ingredients such as:  Cholla blooms, Desert Willow, Cleveland Sage, Ocotillo, Yucca, Variety of Roses from Reid Park garden and there are some other special blooms that I cannot mention for they are what make the faerie dust so special.

All of the faerie dust batches are put together in the same jar that was energized on the Gneiss Rock made from the 25 million year old white and black granite that sits in the Rillito River Dog Park. (please see entry called “A Gneiss Seat” for further introduction to this rock which has quite a sense of humor).

Of course this all may seem like a simple process, but please be assured it is a strenuous endeavor that requires countless hours of meditation to sit with bags full of blooms and crush them one at a time to create the magical dust.

Much love goes into each pouch that is gifted … the faeries are happy to spread their love and happiness to all those humans who will accept them 😉 

Kya, the faerie keeper, is in charge of the faerie portion of the project and soon her photo will be  up on the blog as an introduction.  She, however, is shy and is not quite ready to make her appearance.  Until then please enjoy our updated encounters.


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