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Re: Magical Faerie Dust To Make Debut in Europe! June 15, 2010

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Well, I am quite pleased and excited to report that the faeries of the Sonoran Desert and their faerie dust magic are once again heading on the road.  A friend and client of mine is headed to Ireland tomorrow and the faeries whispered into my ear, “Ask if we can go with her?”  My client graciously agreed to bring the faeries and their magical flower faerie dust with her to Ireland!  How exciting.  World  travelers these faeries are.  They will be boarding the airplane tomorrow at 5:30 a.m. … which normally is their bedtime so this will allow  them to sleep the entire trip over.  They shall be adventuring in Dublin, Shannon, Galway and a few other local favorites for two whole weeks.  I will update everyone upon their adventures when they return and have rested from all their excitement.  They look forward to meeting their Ireland Faerie cousins in Galway where there are a plethora of faerie mounds that have been documented by local residents.

  They hope to visit the Autograph tree in Coole Park in Galway and leave their own autographs.   They of course are excited to be going just plain and simple and will have fun no matter where they end up fluttering off to.



The faeries were also fortuitously invited to the beach in L.A., California and will be heading there in two weeks for atleast a month.  They look forward to taking a break from the heat of the Sonoran Tucson desert and enjoying the beach, sand and sea.  I did warn them about their wings getting heavy with the dew from the salt water, and they must clean their wings everyday or else they might not be able to fly back to Tucson.  Cathie Jo, the wanderer to L.A. who is hosting the faeries and their faerie dust visit, shall be keeping them in line.  We will keep all the anxious readers updated with new information as it is received! 

Stay tuned for new pictures and adventures 😉


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