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Unexpected Wedding Surprise May 19, 2010

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  I decided Sunday to go to the beautiful rose garden at Reid Park to gather dried flowers.  The roses are all in bloom and there are dozens of different varieties of roses. Beautiful and the smell is calming.  As I gathered the dried petals on the ground, two bikers came into the garden and went to the pavilion.  One, was wearing a jacket, “Biker for Christ”.  I thought, “Cool.”  Then a biker couple joined the other two and I soon learned they were holding a small wedding ceremony in the pavilion. 

 They needed a couple of witnesses and myself and another couple witnessed the wedding.  Well, a fortune would have it, I took the dried flower petals and spread them around the couple at their feet and around the pavilion.  So I had the unexpected good fortune to be the flower girl at a biker wedding in the pavilion of Reid Park.

What luck and fun! 😉


2 Responses to “Unexpected Wedding Surprise”

  1. mothernature Says:

    Beautiful! One never knows where God will lead us when we are open to Love,

  2. Shannon Says:

    ‘Tis true. The best things usually happen when we aren’t planning them. Yay!

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