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Catherine’s New Home May 1, 2010

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As I shared my story of Catherine with one of my clients, I took her to see Catherine and she expressed an interest in having a fountain.  I knew that there were no owners of Catherine for she had been abandoned when the landscaping business had previously resided in the property we are at left.  I asked James, who owns the property, if anyone owned her.  He indicated no one did and agreed to let my client take her to her home to reside.  I was telling my client that Catherine is from the name sake of St. Catherine of Siena a Patron St of Italy.  Carol, my client, revealed to me she had a St. Francis statue in her backyard already.  I thought, “Perfect!, the two Patron Saints of Italy will be together.”  The day my client and I agreed she could take Catherine to her home was April 29th, auspiciously this we found out is St. Catherine of Siena’s Feast Day.  A Feast is right!  Today I supervised the move of Catherine to her new home.  No longer is she Catherine of the Still Waters … now she is “Catherine and the Sea of Dreams”.

                                                                                      “Catherine & the Sea of Dreams”                    

 A new home holds me in its place

Filled with love, I sing of grace.

Grateful of these gifts placed beneath

my feet, the earth it sits;

I am Catherine of the Light

and bring the Sea of

Dreams in the night.

My waters run deep once again

because of the love and attention by the Sun,              

 And gifts I give back to the world

as we are all One.


Hummingbirds surround me  – chirping sing;

Cardinals dancing on lighted wings;

Rabbits hop across my path;

Javelina’s rest beneath my shade and take a nap.

St . Francis right beside me sits;

Two Patron Saints, a perfect fit.

So now at night during dreams of sleep,

bring me your worries, and I will wash them clean

in Catherine’s waters, the Sea of Dreams.





Shannon, Guardian of Catherine                              


(Written words and poem by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photos courtesy of:  Shannon Sullivan

   Fountain Statue:  Catherine)


One Response to “Catherine’s New Home”

  1. mothernature Says:

    What a beautiful poem!

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