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Catherine of the Still Waters April 21, 2010

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Catherine of the Still Waters

                                             Catherine of the Still Waters

                                              Here a child of six years sits

                                              Hands in lap

                                              Holding a place

                                                  for birds to land

                                                  and splash with grace.

                                              She’s held these hands

                                                   within her lap

                                              Twenty years hence and

                                                    time has elapsed.

                                              Her face bespeckled, dirty

                                                   and streaked

                                              Still holds a smile

                                                   for those she greets.

                                               A tender trace where

                                                    the water once ran

                                               Through the palms of

                                               Her hands now empty stand.

                                               Cracked and torn

                                                    this cement’s worn,

                                               And the water has dried

                                                    and runs no more.

                                               But Catherine’s smile

                                                    is still seen here

                                              As her palms face upward

                                                   holding life’s tears.

Shannon Sullivan

19 April 2010

*Catherine is the fountain sitting outside of the office I work at. She is across the parking lot underneath two trees.  A landscaping business used to occupy the area and it is as if she was left behind.  I have been cleaning up the area around her and she seems happier to be noticed.  This poem is dedicated to her.


(Written words and poem by:  Shannon Sullivan

  Photos courtesy of:  Shannon Sullivan)


3 Responses to “Catherine of the Still Waters”

  1. Alexis Says:

    Shannon, what a beautiful poem. Your writing is really lovely. It was a gift to my day. Alexis

  2. faeriemagic Says:

    Thank you Alexis. I am glad that Catherine could bring some light to your day as she brings light to my day 😉

  3. mothernature Says:

    Whenever she finds someone to bring her, the cement namesake of St Catherine of Siena will reside under our pala verde tree near a terra cotta stature of St. Francis of Assisi where she will be visited daily by the birds and animals of the Arizona Sonoran Desert.

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