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Sending Good Vibes January 27, 2010

Filed under: A Serious Sense of Humor,Aha! Moments,HOPE,Spirit Speaks — Faerie Magic @ 3:51 pm

Between family and friends and the stress and illnesses in their lives, I appreciate that I can continue to send good vibes out through meditation, imaging everyone surrounded by love.  Since I can’t physically be in 5 places at once, it is the best I can do and am grateful for that.  I appreciate my use of Reiki and distance healing to be able to work with people no matter where they are.  It would be the equivalent of connecting with people over the internet.  You can talk to them even if not in same room.  Energy works in the same way.  I can plug into the person I want to send love to for balancing by imagining their higher selves and the info gets “downloaded” by the person as they are able to accept the information.  All about the Quatum Leap! … Funny that I actually understand the energetic quantum leap better than working with modern technology. 😉


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