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Dream Time January 26, 2010

Filed under: Aha! Moments,Spirit Speaks,What Dreams May Come? — Faerie Magic @ 11:14 am

Last night I dreamt I was on the edge of a cliff lying on my side and my friend was behind me pushing me with her feet to push me off … “Come on, move it, let’s go” … My mom was in back of me saying “She’s not ready. Leave her alone.”  I looked down the canyon the size of the Grand Canyon and there was beautiful blue water streaming in the gorge.  I stood up and my friend grabbed my hand and we jumped off.  She let go of my hand and was happy.  I was feeling apprehensive so I tried to stay as close to the canyon wall as I could and the bottom of my right foot touched the side of the wall the entire way down.  I hit the water and my friend said, “That was okay but next time you need to jump further away from the wall … it’s funner that way.” 

Ahhhh… dreams …. don’t you just love them


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